Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Silly Sandwiches

I found this on Artsonia.  The kids LOVED IT and so did the sub!  (I will try to find the link to the Artsonia person so I can give them credit.)  Phyl , at "There's a Dragon in My Art Room" did a similar lesson with cut paper.

 Here's a real work of art that you can relate to this lesson:

This work is by David Gilhooly and was done in the 1960's.  He was making fun of the stereotypical still life that you see in art.

These were the instructions that I left for the sub:

Lesson:  Silly Sandwich
Paper - 12 x 18
Black Pens

 Ask students what kinds of things you usually put on sandwiches.
Show students the pictures of the “silly sandwiches.”  Ask them to name the things that they see.  Ask them to raise their hands to think of some other kinds of silly sandwiches that they could invent.
Tell them that they will be drawing a silly sandwich of their own.  They will be drawing these using black pen on long white paper.  When they finish drawing them, they may color them in with crayon.
Pass out paper and black pens.
Tell them to write their names in the bottom right hand corners and their class codes in the left.
They should draw bread at the top of the paper and bread at the bottom of the paper.  Then they draw their silly sandwich ingredients between the bread.
 As students start finishing their drawings, you may pass out the crayons.
 When the students are finished their drawings, let them share their drawings with the other children at their tables.


  1. I wanted a pattern so I can copy it for my class this way we can talk about the pieces of food that goes on a sandwich and I am a horrible drawer