Saturday, November 1, 2014

Art Sub Plan - Big Billowing Balloons: Art Sub Lesson for Elementary Grades

No one wants to spend hours writing lesson plans in an emergency.  This lesson takes care of that.  It is ready to be printed out and handed to the sub.

This art lesson was designed to be taught by a substitute teacher, art teacher, or classroom teacher.  It is fully formed so that all a teacher needs to do is to read the information on each slide as they show the pictures.  Questions are written in to help lead the students in discussion.

I have included historical illustrations; one masterpiece featuring a hot air balloon; photographs of creative, modern hot air balloons; and drawings to use as student samples.

The materials needed for the lesson are the most basic:  paper, pencil and crayons.

This lesson may be taught as a PowerPoint projection or printed out and each page shown, one-by-one.

The PowerPoint introduces the student to the history of hot air balloons.  It displays the fantastical balloons that people have created.  This lesson encourages the student to let their imaginations run wild to create their own hot air balloon designs.

This would be perfect as an emergency sub lesson or as a lesson to be taught by a teacher at any time.

Find it here on TeachersPayTeachers:
Big Billowing Balloons: Art Sub Lesson for Elementary Grades

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