Saturday, March 31, 2012

Radial Name Design - Art Sub Lesson

Radial Name Design Art Sub Lesson 

This post originally led to a lesson at a blog called Art4Cast. It seems that this blog no longer exists. 

From what I can tell, this is how this radial name design was created. 

Starting at the center of the paper, draw lines that spiral out to the edges of the paper.

The students' names may be written in bubble letters in every space, or alternate the spaces with names and patterns.

There are other radial name design lessons on the web, but I am not sure they are sub-friendly. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mazes - Art Sub Plan

Mazes - Art Sub Plan

Mazes is a lovely sub lesson from Art is Basic. It would be excellent for middle school and upper elementary.  I think with some tweaking, it would be fun for younger ones too.

Paper Sculpture as an Art Sub Plan

Paper Sculpture as an Art Sub Plan

Paper sculpture, or dealing with glue and scissors, is not something I would leave for just any ole substitute teacher. If you have a trusted and true one though, that might be just fine.

I found these images online and am still looking for a fully written lesson to go with it. I have found some beautiful images though.

This first image is called an “abstract movement sculpture” and it can be found here:  Art with Mrs. Peroddy

The next one also has an image.  It's on an Artsonia page and has no written lesson plan, but I think you can formulate one fairly easily though.  

Here’s an idea from Artsonia that might make for a fun and easy sub lesson.

From exhibit "Paper Sculpture 310"
by Alejandra507 (Art ID #12901177)
from Scammon Elementary School grade 3
United States

Line Design, Op Art Activity - Art Sub Plan Idea

Line Design, Op Art - Art Sub Plan Idea

This is by: 
Title – Line Design, Op Art
Green Forest School District
Warren Utsler, Instructor

This link no longer goes to the original website, so until I can replace it, have some free art sub lessons on me. Click here to go to my TPT shop - Art Sub Lessons and download some freebies! Or click on the images below to go exactly to the freebie you want.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Using Stencils for Art Sub Activities

Using Stencils for Art Sub Activities

Kids ought to love having a sub if they get to use stencils.  Stencils are something I so rarely let students use except as an activity for early finishers.  They love them though. Why not let them experiment with them a bit. I believe the engagement will be high, and your sub will certainly appreciate kids being engaged.

This lesson can be found at Draw, Doodle, and Decorate.  It uses simple materials: paper, crayon, or markers. You can create your own templates out of poster board or collect painting or tracing stencils. You can also use jar lids or interesting shaped flattish objects. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Friday, March 9, 2012

Sub Lesson Video - Tar Beach

Tar Beach Art Lesson for Subs

Here's a post that  Splish, Splash, Splatter did from my video on YouTube, Tar Beach.  This made me so happy. 

I made that video before I ever thought about making a blog for art sub lessons. My goal was to provide a good lesson for my students while they had a sub in the room. I created the video so that all a sub had to do was to press “Play" and the kids would follow along.  I think her kids did a great job.

child's drawing and collage of Faith Ringgold's Tar Beach
child's drawing and collage of Faith Ringgold's Tar Beach

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hands on Art

Hands on Art - Art Sub Plan

I discovered this on Pinterest, where it was suggested that this might be a good sub lesson. It originally came from "An Artful Nest."
Student drawing of a traced hand that is filled with pattern