Monday, October 26, 2020

Art Sub Plans for Day of the Dead

Elementary Art Sub Plans for Day of the Dead

Here's a super sweet and short video that kids would enjoy watching during a Dia de Los Muertos lesson and would help for an art sub lesson. Day of the Dead Video

There are plenty of lessons around that you could teach with this. Here are a couple.

The first one is a STEAM activity for drawing a symmetrical sugar skull. Click here to see it at the TPT Shop: Cool Classroom Stuff.
Drawing of Symmetrical Sugar Skull for Dia de los Muertos

The second one includes three doodle worksheets for sugar skulls, pi├▒atas, and sombreros. Click here to find it at the TPT Shop:  Centers and Early Finishers
Drawings of sugar skull, sombrero, and pinata

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Art Sub Plan Idea - Drone's Eye View

Drone's Eye View - Middle School Art Plan

This is a great art sub idea for elementary, middle and high school art from Blick. It can be adapted in so many ways.

Is your sub someone that you know and would watch a short video to introduce them to the lesson? Perfect! If not, you can write out some simple plans by watching the video yourself. Here’s a pdf on Buick’s site for the lesson: Drone’s Eye View

You will need to print out satellite views from Google for the students to choose from. Subs would probably need to have students draw the simple shapes they see on the map, but then can color in with crayons. Painting with a sub is generally a bad idea unless they are experienced in such things.

Anyway, check out this lesson from Blick,  It might be a lesson you want to teach yourself!