Friday, October 23, 2015

Art Sub Lesson - Robot Roundup

Robot Roundup | Art Sub Plans for Elementary

Robots! Kids love robots! This is a fully prepared and ready-to-teach sub lesson. 

It is one that really gets the kids engaged. They look at photos of different types of robots and get to share what they know about them. Then they are led through a drawing lesson in which they may either follow along to draw a simple robot shape or draw one independently.

Afterward, they add all the details they can imagine. They are encouraged to think about what sorts of jobs their robot could do; what background would fit in their plan; and what other objects would fit well in the drawing. They are given tips on how to color neatly to finish the work. When teaching this lesson as a sub, I have never had a disinterested student. 

You can find this lesson at m TeachersPayTeachers shop: Art Sub Lessons.  It is perfect for a sub as it is fully formed.  All the sub has to do is show the pictures and read what is printed.  They do not have to know how to draw to teach this lesson.  It is all right there in the lesson.