Monday, October 22, 2018

Art Worksheets - Day of the Dead

Sugar Skulls, Piñatas, and Sombreros - Art Worksheets

Here is a fun elementary art project for Cinco de Mayo, Halloween, or Day of the Dead. It can be set up as an art center; used as an early finishers project; or taught as an art sub lesson. There are templates, sample patterns and examples of three different designs. See more about this set of worksheets at TPT Shop: Centers and Early Finishers

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Art Sub Lesson Plan - Silly Monsters

Halloween Art Lesson - Creating Silly Monsters

“Creating Silly Monsters” is a fun lesson about monsters that you could use in an art center; as a regular art lesson; or for an art sub. It is super easy to teach and kids will love it. Check it out at TPT Shop: Centers and Early Finishers  It would be timely around Halloween but could be taught any time.

monster drawing lesson for halloween, art subs, or art centers

Art Sub Lesson Plans About Monsters

Elementary Art Sub Plans about Monsters

Look no further for easy elementary art lessons about monsters. Here are lesson plans that would be fun to teach in October or at Halloween. They would all be perfect for art sub plans.

If you like leaving YouTube videos for subs, here is a sea monster lesson from Steve Harpster.  He shows kids how to draw creatures using letters of the alphabet. In this video, he uses the letter "A."

Student drawing of a name monster
This "Name Alien" lesson is by We Heart Art.  This lesson ends up far from where it begins!

Cover for an art sub lesson plan about maps and sea monsters
"There Be Monsters" is a lesson about sea monsters as they were drawn on  ancient maps.  
Students observe the old maps and monsters and create their own.

A worksheet for subs and early finishers about monsters
Here's a worksheet for early finishers at TPT.
"Create a Silly Monster"  This would be great for subs, art teachers, and classroom teachers.

This "Name Alien" lesson is by We Heart Art.  This lesson ends up far from where it begins!
"Clown and Poodle" originally wrote about this lesson. It is based on the old song, "The Purple People Eater." Originally, I linked to that blog, but it no longer seems to exist.  Here is my blog post about that lesson.

This sweet kindergarten lesson is by Artisan des Arts. 

"Her Dabbles" came up with this lesson called Silly Monsters. 

Ms. Pearce's Art Room has this lesson called "Circle Monsters." Kids lovetracing shapes. Here they can create original monsters just by starting with tracing circles.

This Scribble Monster lesson came from "Art  with Ms. B"

Fun Art Sub Lessons for October

Fun Art Sub Lessons for October

stack of jack o'lanterns

I found the most wonderful Halloween lessons that could be turned into art sub lessons.  Check these out!!!

art sub plan with witch hat
Amy, at Makes and Takes, gives step by step instructions and many visuals for this lesson. She used black paper and oil pastel, but this could easily be done with crayon on a lighter paper.

art sub lesson for halloween
At Panicked Teacher, Susie gives you step-by-step instructions on how to make this patterned pumpkin.  I believe she is a classroom teacher who has to supplement art instruction in her class for most of the school year.

art sub plan with pumpkin and patterns
This lesson, at ArtfulNest, was written for middle school.  You could write it up as a fifth-grade lesson or sixth-grade one.  You could also bring it down to the upper primary grades with a change of media.  Leave your subs some good visuals.  They could teach this!            
art sub plan with monster
Monster lesson.  There are lots of wonderful visuals and complete details here.  It is taught with paint and gadget prints, but you could so easily adapt it with crayons for your sub lesson. Visit Line FrØslev. There are wonderful things over there.
art sub lesson with halloween house
Here's one done for you already.  Step by step instructions were written here  by Ms. Crisco over at Crisco Art. Always a good type lesson to leave for a sub.  

Here's a haunted house lesson that I created.  The information about it is in a post at Art Sub Lessons.  Art Sub Lessons - Halloween Haunted Houses

BONUS...Here's another one.  Yippee!!!  Creating Silly Monsters

art sub early finishers worksheet for halloween
Here's an extra goodie of my own.  Subs will love if you leave a worksheet for those early finishers!!!  This worksheet has an assortment of details for decorating their jack o' lantern. It also has a lightly drawn in pumpkin for them to use as a base.  As a complete lesson, students could draw on another sheet, their own pumpkin shapes and use the worksheet as a reference.  There is also a sheet with 3 sample decorated pumpkins.  $.99 at my TeachersPayTeachers shop:  Art Sub Lessons.