Saturday, October 20, 2018

Art Sub Lesson Plans About Monsters

Look no further for easy elementary art lessons about monsters. Here are lesson plans that would be fun to teach in October or at Halloween. They would all be perfect for art sub plans.

"There Be Monsters" is a lesson about sea monsters as they were drawn on  ancient maps.  
Students observe the old maps and monsters and create their own.

Here's a worksheet for early finishers at TPT.
"Create a Silly Monster"  This would be great for subs, art teachers, and classroom teachers.

This "Name Alien" lesson is by We Heart Art.  This lesson ends up far from where it begins!
"Clown and Poodle" originally wrote about this lesson. It is based on the old song, "The Purple People Eater." Originally, I linked to that blog, but it no longer seems to exist.  Here is my blog post about that lesson.

This sweet kindergarten lesson is by Artisan des Arts. 

"Her Dabbles" came up with this lesson called Silly Monsters. 

***The next two posts were included when I wrote this post in 2018, but the blogs no longer seem to exist.  You might be able to create your own lesson from these images, so I left them here.

Ms. Pearce's Art Room has this lesson called "Circle Monsters." Kids lovetracing shapes. Here they can create original monsters just by starting with tracing circles.

This Scribble Monster lesson came from "Art  with Ms. B"

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