Friday, February 22, 2019

Kindergarten Ideas for Art Sub Plans

Kindergarten Art Sub Plans Ideas

As an art teacher, I always found kindergarten to be a tough grade to write art sub plans for. Thinking up lessons that would be simple enough for any random sub to teach took a lot of planning. Sometimes it took a lot of prep too.

After I retired, and art subbed for a while, it reinforced my thinking that I better have a lot planned to keep a class of kinder kids, engaged. I don't mind singing and dancing and doing a lot of movement activities. Little kids are usually up for as much of that as you can provide. After as much of this as I could do and keep them interested, I would do a super simple art lesson.  No cutting.  No gluing. No paint.  And I would try to find lessons that were "no fail."

I would also have videos on hand for when kids would start finishing up their work. The early finishers would clean up, put their work away, and do whatever they needed to do at the end of a lesson.  Then, they would come to the floor and watch videos that I had previewed and thought were fun. I tried finding art videos that the students would like, but mostly the videos needed to be fun.

I do, by the way, have a blog with videos I have previewed.  Art Room Videos  I don't tend to it much anymore, but there are a lot of good videos in there. Some are great artsy ones and some are just pure entertainment for crowd control.

I would suggest that you have sub ideas on hand for kinder lessons.  Those were always the hardest to plan for me.  You might look around at this blog and save some ideas.  I will go back and tag the ones "kindergarten" that seem appropriate.  Print some things out. Go check out some ideas on TpT. I have a shop but there are plenty of others too.

Good luck and take care!

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Art Sub Lesson Idea - Doodles

Art Sub Plan Idea - Doodles

Here is an easy lesson project from Andrea and Jantje at KinderArt.  They have given you examples and instructions, so if you know your sub has a skill for just teaching, they could totally follow this!

child's drawing of lines

Child drawing of doodles

Here's a blog post about the work of a famous artist, that looks like doodles, but is actually more thought out than that.  Visit this blog post about the artist, Reggie Laurent. 

Reggie is renowned for his use of color.  

Check out the webpage for his original artworks here:  Laurent Originals

You can buy an art sub plan about Reggie and his art at my TPT shop: The Colorful and Fun Paintings of Reggie Laurent 

Through this art activity, students learn about geometric and organic shapes and how Laurent uses them in his abstract paintings. They then create a drawing of their own, based on Laurent’s work.

The lesson contains full directions for teachers and students. There are many photos of paintings by Reggie Laurent and visuals of student samples. There is a link to a YouTube video about the artist, but it is not necessary for teaching the lesson. (All photos of Reggie Laurent's work have been used with the permission of the artist.)

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Funky Fish Idea for an Art Sub Plan

Funky Fish    Art Sub Plan Idea

I adore this blog post by  2 Soul Sisters. Their students created this fun piece for an art auction. I would totally buy it!

They used paint and 3D treasures, but I think the image idea could be sub lesson friendly for elementary students. I wouldn't leave glue and paint for a sub, but the basic design is marker and crayon-friendly.

Ideas for a Sub Lesson:
You could leave a chart of basic fish shapes or imaginary fish shapes for students to copy.
You could draw simple fish shapes and make copies of them for students to fill in with designs.
Provide charts or handouts of patterns or textures for students to use to fill in their funky fish shapes.
Display more designs of funky fish to inspire kids.

And since this guy reminds me of Rainbow Fish,  a picture book might be a nice addition to the lesson!

Head over to their blog to get the details on this awesome piece.

Monday, February 11, 2019

STEAM Art Worksheet for Valentine's Day

Radial Symmetry Art Worksheet - Integrating Art and Math

This Valentine STEAM lesson can be used in elementary, middle, or high school. It is a perfect art sub-plan. Older students will have fun adding much more detail, but kids of all ages will enjoy this.  Click here to see more about this at TPT Shop: Cool Classroom Stuff.

Fun Extra

Here is a fun video by OK Go using radial symmetry. If you can show a video in your class, your students might like seeing this.

Here is a mandala lesson with templates and examples that you can use. This is from the TPT Shop: Cool Classroom Stuff.