Wednesday, May 16, 2012

One-Day Quickie Project

This is a perfect lesson for a sub.  It's easy to do and it looks good.  The kids will enjoy it.

Check out Jessica's blog, Miss Young's Art Room.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Emergency Lesson Plan - Grade 5

"Native American Shields" is a lesson that I designed for use by an art sub. This PowerPoint can be projected to a class or printed out and shown up close.  This lesson is fully ready to be taught by a sub. The visuals and prompts are all right there to help a sub feel comfortable teaching a quality art lesson. You can find it for sale here: Art Sub Lessons.

This is perfect for those emergency absences when you do not have the time to write detailed plans but want to leave quality plans for your subs.

Another is to visit the site for the school system in Anchorage.  It has a pdf online for emergency art lessons.  There's a lesson for each greade k - 6.  Here's the visual  for a fifth grade lesson.  Go to the site for their simple one page lesson plan.