Wednesday, May 16, 2012

One-Day Art Lesson -

One Day Art Sub Lesson

Jessica Young used this plan initially as an art sub lesson for fourth grade. When she needed a quick art lesson for herself, she pulled this one out and used it for other grades as well.
You can check out Jessica's blog here: Miss Young's Art Room.

She says that her students stayed engaged for the whole class time with this. She also gave ideas for those few early finishers and those who took it a little too slow to finish in art.

The materials she used were markers and paper. With subs, I am careful about leaving markers. If I know the sub and trust them to emphasize using the markers with care, I would leave markers. Otherwise, crayons would work just fine.

Miss Young demonstrated how to draw a "criss cross" star with her kids and then showed them how to repeat the lines in and around that star. I think you could also provide students with templates of other shapes for this. Basic shapes? Animal shapes?

If you would like to use masterpieces from art history to introduce the lesson, here are is an idea that might work well.

in public domain
This is Kandinsky's Color Study, Squares with Concentric Circles from 1913.

Here's another lesson plan that you could use to create a lead in for this lesson: "Kandinsky Squares with Concentric Circles,"at the blog, Art Prep has a good, meaty description of Kandinsky and his work.

They talk about Kandinsky choosing to switch to from using subjects in his paintings to focusing on line and color. This is great information for your lesson.

If you would like to use an art sub plan that is fully formed and ready to hand to a sub, check out this one in my TPT shop: Art Sub Lessons. It is no prep and fully scripted. It can be taught by anyone.

This elementary and middle school art sub lesson includes slides about the artist and two projects for the students to draw. It is great for teaching elementary students about abstract art and the artist, Bruce Gray.

Written for a sub, it may also be taught by classroom teachers, art teachers, and homeschool teachers.

Supplies needed for the art lesson are pencils, paper, markers or crayons, rulers and circles of various sizes.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Emergency Art Sub Lessons

Emergency Art Sub Lessons

I wrote this original post in 2012 and it led to lessons on a school system's blog that they had provided for their own teachers. Unfortunately, they have since removed that post all these years later.  Since you have taken the time to click over here looking for free art sub lessons, here are some you can use from this blog.

What Can You Make Out of a Circle - a free worksheet you can download from my TPT shop

Circle Drawing Worksheets - a free worksheet you can download from my TPT shop

Free Art Sub Lesson - Lines, Lines, and More Lines - a  free, fully formed primary art lesson written for subs, at my TPT shop

Directed Drawing - How to Draw a Penguin - a blog post that will lead you to fully formed lesson ideas

Art Sub Plan - Wayne Thiebaud - a free video that I created specifically for art subs and it is over on YouTube


If you are looking for fully formed, high quality art sub lessons, click here to check them out at my TPT shop:  Art Sub Lessons

Here is an example of one of those lessons: 

"Native American Shields" is a lesson that I designed for use by an art sub. This PowerPoint can be projected to a class or printed out and shown up close.  This lesson is fully ready to be taught by a sub. The visuals and prompts are all right there to help a sub feel comfortable teaching a quality art lesson. You can find it for sale here: Art Sub Lessons.

This is perfect for those emergency absences when you do not have the time to write detailed plans but want to leave quality plans for your subs.