Saturday, January 23, 2021

Crayon and Simple Media | Art Sub Lesson Idea

Recycled Crayons as the Main Medium - Kindergarten

Always on the lookout for sub plans for art, I stumbled across this website today. 

Here's an art lesson that I have seen before, but here they give the numbers of standards and objectives that you might have to use when you submit your sub lessons.

This is a version of "Alphabet Soup" that could be used from kindergarten to fifth grade. Click here to see this lesson plan and others:  Crayon

Crayon Drawing as an Art Sub Plan


Tuesday, January 12, 2021

2 Easy Valentine's Day Art Sub Lessons

2 Valentine Art Sub Lesson Plans

We're always on the lookout for easy art sub plans for elementary kids. You don't, don't, DON'T want to leave your sub with anything difficult if you are not sure who is showing up to teach for you. Here are two easy art lessons from two different shops that are ready to hand to a sub. They have lots of visuals and instructions. 

Elementary Level

Student drawing of a valentine heart design with pattern

This heart design activity could easily be created by you, but if you want one that is all ready to hand to a sub, the TPT Shop: Centers and Early Finishers might have just what you need. Click here if you want to take a closer look:  Valentine Art Activity for Centers, Subs, and Early Finishers Print copies of the template and the lesson and you're done.

Upper Elementary, Middle School or High School 

Valentine's Day Art Sub Plan

If you need something for an older crowd, check out this lesson from the TPT Shop: Fun Classroom stuff. It leads students through creating a radial symmetrical design for Valentine's Day.  Make copies of the template, and it is ready to be handed

Integrating art with math, this also would work well for a STEAM or STEM class.  Click here to see this one:  Valentine STEM or STEAM Kaleidoscope Activity for Math and Art

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Dragon Dance Art Sub Lesson for Kindergarten

Kindergarten Art Sub Plans

Chinese New Year is on Friday, February 12 this year. What a fun opportunity to teach primary students about another culture. 

Kindergarten drawing of a Chinese dragon parage

Chinese New Year Video

Here's a great children's video that does a nice job of teaching about Chinese New Year. This would be a nice introduction to the lesson.
Click here to see this video:  Learn About Chinese New Year

Dragon Dance is a lesson that you can create for Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year. There are children's books and YouTube videos about Chinese New Year Dragons that you can use to introduce the lesson and then have students draw their impressions of Chinese dragon costumes and Lunar New Year parades. 

Art Sub Lesson that is No-Prep and Fully Scripted

If you don't have the time to create your own lesson, I have one over at my TPT shop. The one I created was written for an art sub but it can be taught by anyone.  I've added lots of visuals and background that provide motivation for the students. Click here to check out my lesson: Dragon Dance - Kindergarten Art Sub Plan for Lunar New Year

I have heard from classroom teachers as well as art teachers who have taught this.  They all seemed to have success and the kids loved it.

Reviews of My Lesson on TPT

Here are some reviews of this lesson: "I think this is a colorful and detailed resource that I can use or have for a sub to use. I have a book of poems called The Dragons are Singing Tonight by Jack Prelutsky that will be an additional resource to integrate with this lesson."

"So much fun!!! Such a great resource! Loved the different dragon pictures!
Huge hit with my Kindergarten class."

"This was lots of fun! I used it as a last minute activity and it was well received!"

Click here to check this out at my TPT shop: Dragon Dance - Chinese New Year Art Lesson

Saturday, January 2, 2021

15 Art Sub Plan Ideas for Black History Month

icons for black artists

Elementary and Middle School Art Lessons about Black Artists

In my search for art sub plans that could be taught for Black History Month, I found 15 that I think would work really well. Some are written out as lesson plans; some are art lessons via video, and some are biographies that would be great starting points for a lesson.

"Caldecott winning author and illustrator, Javaka Steptoe, reads his book, "Radiant Child: Story of Young Artist Jean-Michel Basquiat."  Click here to see this video:  Jean-Michel Basquiat

photo of the author and book cover for children's book, Radiant Child

Check out this video by clicking  here:  Becoming an Artist: Yinka Shonibare by Tate KidsYinka Shonibare @Tate Kids
drawing of artist Yinke Shonibare

Black History Icons - Group Drawing Project @WCPO9. Click here:  Group Drawing Project

black history - assembled drawing from art students

Art Bytes for Kids: Kehinde Wiley @Detroit Institute of Arts. Click here to see this video:  Kehinde Wiley

Meet Hip Hop's Favorite Artist: Kehinde Wiley @ CNN.  Click here to see this video:

Black History Month Art Projects - Art by Black Artists

I always like teaching art history as a part of my regular art lessons, so teaching black artists during Black History Month is a no brainer. Here are some fully prepared lesson plans in my TPT shop. They were created with an art sub in mind but could be taught by anyone.
Nick Cave - Art Sub Lesson @TPT Shop: Art Sub Lessons

This lesson includes many photos of Nick Caves's wonderful "soundsuits"; sample student drawings; a sample pattern sheet; templates for those who need it; a teacher script including directions, questions, and information about each slide. This could be taught by anyone.

Reggie Laurent - Art Sub Lesson @TPT Shop: Art Sub Lessons

This no-prep lesson was written so that it could be taught by art subs, but it could also be taught by art teachers, classroom teachers, and homeschool parents. Key topics include abstract art, organic, shapes, geometric shapes, and the art of Reggie Laurent. The materials needed are simple: paper and either crayon or marker. All directions for teachers and students are included.

Faith Ringgold - Art Lesson @TPT Shop: Art Sub Lessons

This kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd-grade art lesson is based on Faith Ringgold's, Tar Beach, which is a great read for Black History Month. (The book is not included.) This lesson uses simple materials; pencil, paper, and crayons. It can be taught by anyone, as it is fully scripted. It includes questions and directions too. This is aimed at primary-aged students.

Click here if you want to look at my whole shop: Art Sub Lessons

Black History Month Art Lessons from Museums
Aaron Douglas @The Blowing Rock Art and History Museum

The Blowing Rock Art and History Museum has two lessons based on the silhouette art of Aaron Douglas. They have a lesson for elementary students plus included one for preschoolers! (That's a rarity!) Also, they provide a video on the artist. You will find all three things here: Aaron Douglas Inspired Silhouette

Jacob Lawrence, Romare Bearden, and Alma Thomas @The National Gallery of Art

This is a nice resource from the National Gallery of Art. It has lesson plans for all ages as well as downloadable materials. It includes lessons on Jacob Lawrence, Romare Bearden, and Alma Thomas. (Some of the lessons are presented as painting lessons but could be adapted for drawing. If you are leaving a lesson for a sub, you RARELY would want to leave a painting lesson!!!)

Here is a link to
Art Tales - Pre-K resource which is a pdf with visuals and detailed lesson plans.

Click here to see this video: 
Alma Woodsey Thomas @The Magnificient Paintbrush

Click here to see this video:

Video - Black History Month Art Lessons
African Art Patterns for Kids @Traveling Art Room