Sunday, March 29, 2020

Explorers and Sea Monsters - Middle School Art Sub

Art Sub Lessons: Sea Monsters 

Who wouldn't love learning about sea monsters! If your students are learning about the "age of exploration" or "European explorers," they will enjoy this art lesson plan. Students will learn about maps created by ancient navigators and the sea monsters that often appear on those maps. Then they will create a drawing of their own imaginary sea monsters. 

It was written with substitute teachers in mind, so it is written with a full script and tons of visuals.  It can be taught successfully by anyone. It is no prep and uses the most simple materials.  Paper and pencil. Crayons, pens, and markers could be added. It is presented as a PowerPoint but can be converted to Google slides if you want to use it in that manner.  Make your life a little bit easier with this already prepared activity.

Here’s Where You Can Find This Lesson

This is where you can find the middle school lesson:  Sea Monsters.

If you are interested in an elementary lesson about early explorers, click here:  Art Sub Lesson - There Be Monsters! It is another fully ready; easy to teach; no prep art lesson that will be fun for your kids.

Composite photo of images from a lesson on sea monsters, maps, and explorersComposite photo of images from a lesson on explorers, maps, and sea monsters

Composite photo of pages from a lesson on sea monsters and explorersComposite photo of images of sea monsters and explorers lessonComposite photo of images from lesson on sea monsters

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Art Activities That Students Can Do At Home

Elementary Art Sub Activities to do at Home

If you are looking for easy options for teaching art at a distance, here are some suggestions.

I found this drawing prompt generator.  You select a category and then a prompt appears for that. There are ads at the top but look down at the bottom to see your prompt. Get a new prompt by clicking on "refresh." You can make your own template and then insert drawing prompts for each week.

Crayola has art worksheets that you can download.

If your students have access to the web and YouTube, there are some sites that they can access easily.  

Here are some you might check out.

The Kennedy Center
Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems

Mr. Pstudios is an art teacher. His YouTube channel includes drawing activities for kids.

The blog, Art Room Videos, has links to lots of individual art videos that have been pre
viewed for kids.

The Dad Lab has lots of videos. Your students may have access to lots of materials, so check out his entire channel. For those whose students may have limited supplies, here are some videos that might work for you.
Crayon Rubbing with Legos 
Shadow Drawing
Draw with Your Feet
Tree Bark Rubbing

Young Rembrandts They have some directed drawings. They also have an online course that you can pay for that is off of YouTube

Robin Art School  They do a lot of directed, step-by-step drawing.

Art for Kids Hub  They do a lot of directed, step-by-step drawing.  

Mark Kistler is a long-time favorite for kids wanting to draw better. I would suggest these for upper elementary and middle school.  Many of his videos are hour-long, which I suspect will not work for most kids.  Finding the shorter videos, I sorted by "most popular." I saw a lot that was around ten minutes long.

The Art Project has lots of videos you might like for older kids. His drawing prompt videos are the perfect length for kids drawing at home.


In case you need some art lesson ideas to print and send home with your students for a few days, these would work great. Written as early finishers activities, they are worksheets with directions and lots of details that kids can draw from on their own.

"Create a Silly Monster" Worksheet

Monday, March 9, 2020

Art Sub Plans Worksheet - How to Draw a Penguin

Art Sub Plan Worksheet | How to Draw a Penguin

Free Directed Drawing Worksheet - Penguins

Do your kids like to do directed drawings?  The blog, Tinkerlab, has a free downloadable sheet showing how to draw a penguin, step by step. Add some details and you have a fun art sub lesson. Write up a few directions for your sub and doodle some finished penguins and you are ready to go. 
art sub lesson for how to draw a penguin

Find this directed drawing by Rochelle Doorley here:

If you would like another penguin activity, I have a doodle worksheet where kids design their own penguin disguised as something else. You will find it over at my TPT Shop.  You can check it out here:  Create A Penguin In Disguise