Friday, December 4, 2015

Art Sub Plan - Beyond the Gingerbread Man

Art sub plan for elementary school.

Elementary art student drawing of an alternative to a gingerbread man
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When I was a full time art teacher and taught this lesson, my students loved it! Gingerbread, candy and sweet things are attractive to kids.  Who knew, right?  (wink)  So now that I am retired and substitute teach in art, I like to use my lessons that were the kids' favorites.

This one is based off of the idea of the gingerbread man and gingerbread houses. Kids would be happy drawing simply either one of those.  But in art class, we want to do more than that.  So in this lesson the kids look at pictures of standard kinds of gingerbread creations and then more unique and creative ones.  They share their new ideas and then draw them.

As I have taught this lesson the kids have been highly engaged.  As a sub in a class of students who don't know me, engagement is important.  As an intro to the lesson, I started with a Speakaboos video on YouTube that I  downloaded.  It was one with John Krasinski, from The Office, as a narrator.  You certainly could also supplement with one of many fun books about the gingerbread man. After that I showed the PowerPoint lesson.

I make my lesssons so that they may be projected as a PowerPoint or printed out and shown to a class close up. Each slide has a script for the sub to read and questions to ask.  It it easily taught by any sub, artist or not.

It can be taught any time of year, but certainly has a connection with early winter holidays and decor.

So, this lesson is available at my TeachersPayTeachers shop here:  Beyond the Gingerbread Man.  Once you download it, your sub planning is done.