Saturday, October 26, 2013

Elementary Art Sub Lesson | Fairy Tale

There's a Giant in My House | Art Sub Plan

Little to no prep art sub lesson!

I have many art sub plans on my TeachersPayTeachers site.  They are perfect as emergency sub plans but certainly could be used as regular lesson plans.  My sub plans require only that you have paper and crayons for supplies.

This lesson may be viewed in two ways. It may be projected as a normal PowerPoint or it may be printed out and used as you would a book. If it is to be printed out, the teacher would just have the students come to sit near him/her as the lesson is taught.

It was written with a substitute teacher in mind, but certainly could also be used by the classroom or art teacher.

This lesson was written so that all of the prompts and visuals are included. To teach the lesson, all one has to do is go from slide to slide (or page to page.)

The materials needed to complete the assignment are intentionally simple; paper, pencil, or crayon. For this reason, this lesson would serve well as an emergency lesson plan.

The lesson could be augmented with the reading of the story, "Jack and the Beanstalk," but for the time given, it is intended as a stand-alone lesson.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Art Sub Plan - Draw Yourself as an Old Person

Visualizing Yourself as an Older Person

Marcia, over at Art is Basic, has this as a lesson plan.  It involves visualizing yourself as you are and then as an older person.  Go check it out over at her blog.