Wednesday, December 23, 2020

A Tree House for Me! Elementary Art Sub Plan

"A Treehouse for Me!"  Elementary Art Sub Lesson Plans

Kids love the idea of secret and special places that are reserved for just them. I never had a treehouse as a kid but I always loved seeing them in movies and reading about them in books. Knowing that kids would love imagining them, I created this art project about treehouses.

"A Treehouse for Me!" as a Sub Lesson 

This lesson has always been a big hit with my own students, so I wrote it up as an art sub-plan. Why leave the sub lessons that you wouldn't love to teach? 

I write the lessons for my TPT shop in a way that anyone can teach them.  This one is chock full of images of real tree houses and student drawings of them. All anyone would need to do to teach this would be to show each page/slide; read the script on them; ask the questions, and pass out the supplies.  

child drawing of a treehouse for an art lesson

Enjoyed by Kids in K-8th Grade

Originally, I taught this as a 5th-grade art project, but in the reviews for this lesson, teachers say they have taught it in K-8th grade with great success. Here are some reviews left by teachers who have used this:

So, if you want an art lesson or a sub-plan this is a sure thing, click here to go check it out at my TeachersPayTeachers shop: Art Sub Lessons. (It costs less than a cup of coffee, so you can't go wrong!)

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Kindergarten Art Sub Plan and Worksheets

 Emergency Art Sub Plan for Kindergarten

Has this ever happened to you?

A lot of us have experienced the effects of someone else not being able to get a substitute teacher. Sometimes you inherit just a few extra kids from that class and sometimes you get the whole bunch. If you are lucky, someone tells you to expect it before they show up at the art room door. If it has never happened to you, wow, you live a charmed life!!!!  It will likely happen to you at some point in time though, so best be prepared!

Kindergarten Art Lesson Ideas

Mr. E, over on the blog, Art with Mr. E has written a post about just this to help you get ready for the inevitable. Click here to check it out:  "50 Kindergarteners By Myself!"

If you have a coworker art teacher, please share that post with them because you might be the one who is without a sub one day and they add your classes to theirs.

More Simple (and FREE!) Ideas to Help You Prepare

If you want some simple art lesson ideas for when you are in a pinch, check out these FREE downloadables:

"Circle Drawing Game"- and - "What Can You Draw From Circles?"free downloadable worksheets

"Lines, Lines, and More Lines" - a fully formed and free art lesson for primary students 

"Directed Drawing - How to Draw a Penguin" - downloadable worksheet

"Art Sub Plan - Wayne Thiebaud" - a video I created specifically for use by an art sub. This lets ME teach while you monitor all those kids!!!

"Faith Ringold - Art Sub Lesson" - another video I created for use by an art sub. Again, I'll teach the lesson so that you can monitor all those kids!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Faith Ringgold - Art Sub Plans for Elementary

Art Sub Plans for Elementary School - Tar Beach

Kids love when they get to use their imaginations and we need to give them more of an opportunity to do just that. Reading Faith Ringgold's book, Tar Beach, is a great entry point for a creative drawing activity.

Video - Tar Beach - Art Lesson Plan

photo from art sub lesson about Faith Ringgold

I created this this video to use with a 1st and 2nd-grade art project and specifically for use by a substitute teacher. If your sub (or YOU!!!) have access to YouTube videos, this video will do most of the work for you. Some days you need to take a break and let someone else teach, so why not let me do it?

Art Lesson Plan - No Prep, Scripted, with Simple Materials

If you want a fully formed, no prep, and quality version of this lesson that you can hand to your sub (or the office secretary), Click here to see this lesson.
It costs less than a cup of Starbucks!

Monday, December 7, 2020

Dream House - Art Sub Plans Elementary

DreamHouse - Art Sub Plans Elementary

This is an easy lesson that I would adapt to middle school art lessons as well as elementary ones. Mrs. Filmore has an idea for a first-grade architecture drawing lesson. I like open ended lessons as sub lessons, especially for subs who are not confident enough to draw.  Check out her lesson called "Dream House with Patterns."

middle school student drawing of a dream house
If you have time to plan ahead of time, I would leave drawings or photos of a variety of types of houses to go along with this lesson. Also, I would have a sheet or poster board depicting a variety of patterns that the students may be inspired by; and a few student examples. 

Her blog is named, "Art with Mrs. Filmore." This lesson idea is near the bottom of a blog post called, "1st Grade Art."

More Lessons that Integrate with the Study of Architecture

A Home with an Onion Dome

This lesson focuses on the beauty and uniqueness of this architectural element and shows how architects from the past and present have used this element in a variety of ways.

Captivating Castles

In this lesson, students will learn about castles from medieval Europe, including the exterior architecture and the reasons for their design. Students will draw a castle of their own design utilizing architectural elements they have learned.