Monday, March 14, 2016

Art Sub Plan - A Home with an Onion Dome ... and Other Buildings

This art sub plan is one that I created and taught recently.

This art lesson focuses on the architecture of onion domes. It talks about the beauty and uniqueness of this architectural element and shows how architects from the past and present have used this element in a variety of ways. It includes such classical structures as the Taj Mahal and St. Basil's Cathedral as well as an avant guarde creation of Hundertwasser. Many other buildings that have onion domes are featured as well.

This lesson was created with an art sub in mind, but could by taught by a classroom teacher or art teacher. As a retired art teacher who subs now for my friends, I want to be able to teach good lessons that engage the students. The lessons that I use when I sub are the ones that I sell here. They are proven to engage students and help them create a work of art that is satisfying and original.

This lesson may be shown in two ways. It may be projected or it may be printed out and shown up close. All the teacher needs to do to teach this lesson is to read the script and ask the questions. All instructions are included.

The materials needed for the student art work are simple: paper, pen or pencil, ruler, and crayons or markers.

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