Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Back to School - Easy Art Sub Lessons

Supplies used in elementary art class

Easy Art Sub Lessons for Back to School

Back to School time. What an awkward time to be absent from your classroom.  Here are some posts that would make great art sub plans. They are easy enough for a sub to teach and interesting enough to engage your kids. Click on the links to find out more about these fun and easy lessons.

Here's a post with multiple ideas for drawing things using circles: Back to School Art Activity: What Can You Make Out of a Circle Shape?

Leave a comment below if you know of more great ideas for kids for back to school art.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Back to School - Art Sub Tubs

Art Sub Box for Back to School

Art Sub Tubs are popular these days.  They make it easy for you to keep your sub lessons accessible for an emergency absence and keep things organized for your sub.  Is there any time better than "Back to School" time to prepare one?

There are a variety of ways to put one together.  These art teachers have written about their's. Check them out.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Art Worksheets Printables - Lego Characters

Art Worksheet for Lego Characters

Worksheet for Early Finishers

This is from my TPT shop: Art Sub Lessons.  It is a quick art project for early finishers but it would work well for a sub. There are three worksheets included. One worksheet has a LEG0 figure lightly drawn in and students create their own characteristics over it. Another is the same worksheet but the character is drawn darkly. The last worksheet is a full-page character with nothing else. Students may create characters from stories, movies, sports, hobbies, or their own imaginations. There are sample body features that they may use or they may invent those too. There are teacher samples included so that you don't have to spend the time to do it yourself! 

Some teachers have told me that it works well as a jumping-off place for a writing assignment.

Art Sub Tub for Art Sub Plans

Art Sub Tub for Emergency Absences

Lots of people are using art sub tubs these days.  What a great way to organize your sub files. This is especially helpful for emergency absences when you just can’t easily pull a lesson together because of what’s going on in your world.  

What exactly do you include in one?  Here is a detailed blog post about one by Morgan McClarnon at Art with Miss M

If you get this set up before you actually need it, you will be SO HAPPY!

Sub Tubs for Art Teachers

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Sub Prep for TAB and Choice Based Art Class

Art Sub Plan Prep for TAB and CHOICE

Some of you are TAB and Choice Based art teachers.  So is Dawn Lynn at Wildcats Create and here is how she prepares for a sub. 

She has posted a variety of photos of what resources she has left her sub. These should be a big help in writing up an art sub plan yourself.