Friday, January 29, 2016

Special Needs Art Lesson - Balloon Play and Print

Art Lesson for Students with Autism and Special Needs

Hi......As a retired art teacher, who subs for my art teacher friends, I come into the classroom with all my own plans.  I know my way around an art room and have no fear of paint.  When I was full time in the classroom, I rarely, if ever, left tempera for my own subs. However, I think there may be instances where it would be okay.

I have subbed for a friend's half hour elementary autism art class and this is the first lesson that I did.

Photos of balloons

Balloon Play and Print

I downloaded some short YouTube videos about balloons.  All told, the videos probably lasted 6 minutes.  I passed out a blown up balloon to each student and we all played with them for a while.  All of us, kids and teachers, had fun.  We tossed.  We caught. Someone happened to hold their balloon over the blowing heater and the balloon levitated.  Then, we all had to try it.  The kids would have continued playing for a long time, I think.

At some point I brought the kids over to the demonstration table and showed them how to bounce the balloon in the plate of tempera paint.  From there I bounced the balloon on the paper.  After a few bounces I rotated the paint color and bounced the same color in the new color.  In this way, they get a wee bit of color mixing.  They also get to observe the shape of the balloon printed on the paper.

After we finished balloon printing, the assistant lead the students, one by one, to the sink to wash hands.  Another teacher manned the balloon print table as I went back to the projector.  After the students dried their hands, they came back to the carpet and I showed the same balloon videos.

We hadn't even watched all of the videos again when it was time to go.  Having the time for videos during the handwashing though was a nice way to occupy students when the teachers needed to do other tasks.

It would be nice to leave your sub a clean paint shirt or apron for this lesson.

It didn't occur to me to take my own photos.
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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Art Sub Plan - Hands with Pattern

Elementary and Middle School Art Sub Lesson Idea

Art sub plans could nicely be made from this lesson.

Looks like this is in Dutch, but I think you can decipher it pretty easily.
Click here:  Handen met patronen (I'm guessing, "hands with pattern.")
Student drawing of hands with lines and patterns
It seems to me that basically you fill a page with pattern. Then you trace your hands on top of the pattern. Lastly, you color in the shapes inside the hand shapes. They appeared to use small tipped pens or markers. I like that look. Lovely.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Reggie Laurent Abstractions - Art Sub Plan

Reggie Laurent Abstractions - Art Sub Plan

Here's a lesson that could adapted for a sub.  Check it out here at the “We Heart Art” blog:  Reggie Laurent Abstractions.  Beautiful.

If you are interested in a fully written up lesson that is ready to hand to a sub, you can check out this one at my TPT Shop. The Colorful and Fun Paintings of Reggie Laurent

This no prep lesson was written so that it could be taught by art subs, but it could also be taught by art teachers and classroom teachers. Key topics include abstract art, organic shapes, geometric shapes, and the art of Reggie Laurent. The materials needed are simple: paper and either crayon or marker. It would work well for an emergency absence or maternity leave. 

It contains full directions for teachers and students. There are many photos of paintings by Reggie Laurent and visuals of student samples. There is a link to a YouTube video about the artist, but it is not necessary for teaching the lesson. (All photos of Reggie Laurent's work have been used with the permission of the artist.)

If you are interested in other lessons that would work well for Black History Month, check these out:

Whoosh! I'm Flying! - based on the book, Tar Beach, by Faith Ringgold

The Magical Fantastical Sculptures of Nick Cave

Tips for Preparing Your Sub for a Tough Class

Tips for Preparing Your Art Sub for a Tough Class

Art sub plans would well be served by remembering these tips. My favorite tip is that you let your substitute teacher know ahead of time of possible problems.  (Last year I spent an hour with  20 plus kindergarteners by myself,  only to experience one of them screaming the entire time.  I was out in a trailer by myself and the teacher didn't leave any phone numbers to call in case of problems. Not fun.)

Anyway..... here are some great tips:  9 Ways to Prepare Your Sub for a Tough Class.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Art Sub Lesson Plans - Art Cars

Elementary Art Sub Lesson about Art Cars

Here's an elementary lesson that I taught as an art sub recently.  It is based on sculptural art cars.  Famous art cars include the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile and painted cars by Warhol, Haring and Lichtenstein. Students are lead through photos of famous and not so famous art cars and come up with ideas for their own art car.

I created this as a lesson to be used by an art sub but it certainly may be used by art teachers or classroom teachers as well.

You can check it out here at my TeachersPayTeachers shop.

I always write my sub lessons so that they use the most simple materials, pencil, crayons and paper, in order that they can be put together quickly.

This would be great for an emergency art plan since all you have to do is hand the printed slides to the sub or have them show the
PowerPoint lesson.  It is complete from start to finish.

And best of all, the students find this lesson highly engaging.  That's an important thing when you have a sub in the classroom!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Crazy Hat Day - Art Sub Plan

Art Sub Lesson Plan | Wacky Hats

This is an elementary lesson that I have totally revamped, so if you bought it from my TeachersPayTeachers shop in the past, you may download the new one for free!

child drawing of a crazy hat

This lesson was written with an art sub in mind, but it would be great fun for anyone to teach on "Crazy Hat Day" at your school.

Now that I am a retired art teacher, I sub for my art teacher friends.  This is a lesson that I have been teaching the last few weeks. The kids love it.  They are encouraged to use their imaginations and come up with crazy ideas for a wacky hat.

The lesson has artwork from art history; artwork from the present; student samples; and complete directions.  Anyone can follow along and teach this lesson. All they have to do is read along from slide to slide.

You may find this lesson here:  Art Sub Lessons @ TeachersPayTeachers.