Sunday, January 10, 2016

Crazy Hat Day - Art Sub Plan

This is a lesson that I have totally revamped, so if you bought it from my TeachersPayTeachers shop in the past, you may download the new one for free!

This lesson was written with an art sub in mind, but it would be great fun for anyone to teach on "Crazy Hat Day" at your school.

Now that I am a retired art teacher, I sub for my art teacher friends.  This is a lesson that I have been teaching the last few weeks. The kids love it.  They are encouraged to use their imaginations and come up with crazy ideas for a wacky hat.

The lesson has artwork from art history; artwork from the present; student samples; and complete directions.  Anyone can follow along and teach this lesson. All they have to do is read along from slide to slide.

You may find this lesson here:  Art Sub Lessons @ TeachersPayTeachers.

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