Monday, January 30, 2017

Groundhog’s Day - Art Worksheets Printables

Groundhog Day Art Worksheet for Early Finishers

As someone who subbed a little bit after retirement, I can tell you that subbing can be HARD!!!  You didn't need convincing of that though, did you?

One of the toughest times is when kids have finished their assignments and need something else to do. There's that "I'm done. What next?" thing that happens.  And you had better have something for them to do to fill in that time or you are asking for trouble.

Groundhog's Day Worksheet 

I created early finisher cartoon worksheets just for that reason. They feature lightly drawn figures surrounded by options for noses, hair, objects to hold, and a variety of other things, for the student to choose from. They create a disguise for their character. This one is a groundhog. They may use the items that I have drawn or just use them for inspiration. 

These are not just for subs. Teachers appreciate having them on hand as well.


Here are what some people have said about my early finishers worksheets:
"My students loved creating their own images with the ideas presented. They were able to use multiple different ideas to create the best fit for them. These worked great for a variety of my students with disabilities. I adapted them as necessary.
Students used with
4th, 7th grades
Primarily students with mild to severe disabilities"
"I will usually tie these doodles into a story, but I love how they can create their own!
Students used with
1st grade
Students were engaged"

Where to Find These

A single worksheet is only $.99, though I sell a bundle of different ones at a discounted price. You may find the one for Groundhog's Day here:  Groundhog's Day Worksheet for Early Finishers

Click here if you are interested in the bundle:  Early Finishers Art Worksheets Bundle


Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Art Sub Plans - Boat on a River of Pattern

Elementary Art Sub Plan "Boat on a River of Pattern"

This art looks like it could be turned into a sub lesson pretty easily. It was over at 4monkeysstudio.

student drawing of a sailboat on patterned water

This lesson could be so appealing to both students and subs. It is a simple idea that most everyone would succeed at. 

student drawing of a boat on a river of pattern

I found another lesson that might be a good lead in. Check out this blog post at The blog post is called, “Zen Landscape....Creative Pattern.” She has step by step direction for how to do the drawing and has visuals to go with it.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Maternity Leave - Art Sub Planning

Planning for an Art Sub during Maternity Leave 

I can only imagine what a headache it is planning lessons for maternity leave. (As if you did not have enough to do already!) My daughter was born before I got an actual teaching job and once I went into labor, I didn't think about work again until I had to go back.

In this post, "Preparing to Leave", Katie Morris explains some of the things she did to prepare for her maternity leave.