Saturday, June 22, 2019

Kindergarten Art Sub Plans | Shape and Mondrian

Kindergarten Art Sub Lessons Idea on Shape and Mondrian

***This original post was based on a blog named This Mama Makes Stuff, but that blog no longer exists.***

This art lesson, in the blog, This Mama Makes Stuff, teaches shape, Mondrian, and oil pastels to kindergarten, but it could convert well to an elementary art sub lesson. Regular crayons would easily replace oil crayons. (I would not leave oil crayons for a sub.)

In this lesson, Carrie is teaching kids about shape; tracing a shape; and the art of Mondrian.  If you like including art history references, this is a good choice.  

Child drawing of shape and Mondrian

Sub Plan for elementary kids - shapes and Mondrian drawing

Mondrian's Boogie Woogie Broadway - ideas for elementary art sub lessons

Photo used under Creative Commons

If you are interested in kindergarten art lessons that utilize shape, you might be interested in this one at my TPT Shop: Art Sub Lessons.  It is a directed drawing of a bird with patterns and flowers, in which students draw a variety of simple shapes to create the picture.  Easy to teach with beautiful outcomes.

Friday, June 21, 2019

Art Sub Plans - Silly Sundae Preview

Art Sub Lessons "Silly Sundae"

Find relief when you have an emergency absence. Writing lesson plans for a sub when you are in a rush, feels horrible. Don't stress out when you don't need to.  I have complete no-prep lesson plans already fully formed for you.

This is a preview of my art sub lesson called "Silly Sundae." I thought you would get more information from a preview of this lesson than just from one or two images. Find this fun elementary lesson at my TpT Shop: Art Sub Lessons. 

This lesson is no prep and can be taught by anyone.  All someone needs to do is to show each page; read the script, and follow the directions. Subs love my lessons because there is a lot of content and they will keep the students engaged for the entire class period.  

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Silly Sundae - Elementary Art Sub Plans

Silly Sundae - Art Sub Plans

This art lesson for kids is easy to teach. Substitute teachers only have to read the script; ask the questions; and show the pictures.  It requires no prep. This lesson gives students an opportunity to use their imaginations and create a fun product that they have never seen before. 

A no-prep lesson, it uses the most basic supplies: pencil, crayons or markers, and paper.

Check it out at the TPT shop: Art Sub Lessons.

drawing of a silly sundae used in an art sub plan