Saturday, June 22, 2019

Art Sub Plan Idea - Art Smart: A lesson in Shape, Mondrian & Oil Pastels

 "This Is Carrie" at the blog, "This Mama Makes Stuff," has a post about a kindergarten art idea that could convert well to an art sub lesson. The post is titled, "

Art Smart: A lesson in Shape, Mondrian & Oil Pastels."

Sub Plan for elementary kids - shapes and Mondrian drawing

Mondrian's Boogie Woogie Broadway - ideas for elementary art sub lessons
In this lesson, she is teaching kids about shape; tracing a shape; and the art of Mondrian.  If you like including art history references, this is a good choice.  Check it out and see if this easy art lesson would work for your kinders.

Photos used under Creative Commons

Friday, June 21, 2019

Art Sub Plan - Silly Sundae Preview

Find relief when you have an emergency absence. Writing lesson plans for a sub when you are in a rush, feels horrible. Don't stress out when you don't need to.  I have complete no-prep lesson plans already fully formed for you.

This is a preview of my art sub lesson called "Silly Sundae." I thought you would get more information from a preview of this lesson than just from one or two images. Find this fun elementary lesson at my TpT Shop: Art Sub Lessons. 

This lesson is no prep and can be taught by anyone.  All someone needs to do is to show each page; read the script; and follow the directions. Subs love my lessons because there is a lot of content and they will keep the students engaged for the entire class period.  

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Art Sub Plan - Silly Sundae

This art sub plan is fun for kids and is easy to teach. Substitute teachers only have to read the script; ask the questions; and show the pictures.  It requires no prep. This lesson gives students an opportunity to use their imaginations and create a fun product that they have never seen before. 

A no-prep lesson, it uses the most basic supplies: pencil, crayons or markers, and paper.

Check it out at the TPT shop: Art Sub Lessons.

drawing of a silly sundae used in an art sub plan