Friday, November 22, 2019

Winter/Christmas/Holiday Activities for Art Subs, Centers, and Early Finishers

If you need great activities and sub plans to use around Christmas, Hanukkah, December and winter, here are some options from the shops Art Sub LessonsCool Classroom Stuff, and Centers and Early Finishers. You can click right on the images to go directly those activities.

This is a brand new STEAM activity that can be used for subs, teachers, and centers. 

Feedback for this activity:  "This will make a great Art lesson for our unit on The Mitten. Thank you."

Feedback for this activity:  "Super fun! I used these as a pattern to make hanging stockings."

Feedback for this activity: "Such a fun lesson! I use this each year as a sub lesson. Def keeps kids engaged!"

Feedback for this activity: "My fourth graders are loving this! The sample robot shapes and details sheets are a great reference for helping them to draw."
Not yet rated.

Not yet rated.

Feedback for this activity:  "My second lesson I have purchased and once again a winner! So nice and easy for any sub to follow. Also makes a great early finisher project. The kids love it!"
Feedback for this activity:  "My younger grades love this and the other products like it. They are so excited when I pull them out. "
Feedback for this activity:  "This one was flying off my counter during December!"
Feedback for this activity:  "Good activity for early finishers! Using this in my music class during my Nutcracker unit. Thank you!"
Feedback for this activity:  "My younger students love this one! I've seem some really cute finished products."
Feedback for this activity:  "Love these"

Winter Art Sub Plan or Early Finishers Activity - STEAM

Here is a STEAM lesson integrating art and math and ties with image samples for Christmas, Hannukah, and winter. The activity could be used  elementary, middle, and high school. The designs can be as complex or simple as need be.

"Radial symmetry" is the focus of this art work.  This plan includes six templates to help students evenly draw their designs around the circle; five samples of completed designs; and a sheet of sample winter and holiday icons to help the kids add detail.

Perfect for early finishers, it works also for subs and as a center activity.  You can find this over at the TPT shop: Cool Classroom Ideas.

Friday, October 11, 2019

Halloween Art Sub Lesson Plans

ideas for art sub plans for elementary students...picture of pumpkin jack o' lantern
Here are lessons your kids will love doing around Halloween. Some are full lessons in my TPT shop. Some are links to lessons on other blogs.  Some are ideas for great Halloween lessons. I thought they would be great for sub lessons, but  an art teacher or classroom teacher could successfully teach them as well.

Here's a fun and easy art lesson you can teach for Halloween! This, of course, can be taught anytime, but since it features pumpkins, it seems time appropriate. Based on the art of Yayoi Kusama, students design and pattern their own work.

Written as a creative center activity, it can also be used for an art sub.

Here is a fun elementary art project for Cinco de Mayo, Halloween or Day of the Dead. It can be set up as an art center; used as an early finishers project; or taught as an art sub lesson. There are templates, sample patterns and examples of three different designs. See more about this set of worksheets at TPT Shop: Centers and Early Finishers

Haunted House drawing for elementary art lesson at Halloween

Here's a haunted house lesson that I created.  Find it here on TPT:  Art Sub Lessons - Halloween Haunted Houses or a  post about it here in this blog: Haunted House Lesson .

Here's a worksheet for early finishers at TPT.
"Create a Silly Monster"  This would be great for subs, art teachers, and classroom teachers.

Here's another one.  Yippee!!!  Creating Silly Monsters

art sub early finishers worksheet for halloween
Here's an extra goodie of my own.  Subs will love if you leave a worksheet for those early finishers!!!  This worksheet has an assortment of details for decorating their jack o' lantern. It also has a lightly drawn in pumpkin for them to use as a base.  As a complete lesson, students could draw on another sheet, their own pumpkin shapes and use the worksheet as a reference.  There is also a sheet with 3 sample decorated pumpkins.  $.99 at my TeachersPayTeachers shop:  Art Sub Lessons.

STEAM drawing of  a Mexican skull

This STEAM art activity would be fun to do around a Mexican holiday like Day of the Dead. If your students have seen the animated movie, “Coco,” they will be familiar with Día de Los Muertos. It would work perfectly as an art sub lesson. This lesson plan is by TPT Shop: Cool Classroom Stuff

This may be set up as a classroom learning center; an activity for early finishers; or as a teacher led lesson.

I found the most wonderful Halloween lessons that could be turned into art sub lessons.  Check these out!!!

art sub plan with witch hat
Amy, at Makes and Takes, gives step by step instructions and many visuals for this lesson. She used black paper and oil pastel, but this could easily be done with crayon on a lighter paper.

art sub lesson for halloween
At Panicked Teacher, Susie gives you step by step instructions on how to make this patterned pumpkin.  I believe she is a classroom teacher who has to supplement art instruction in her class for most of the school year.

art sub plan for halloween
I adore this lesson.  Jana's students (Room9Art) begged her for a Halloween lesson every year. She finally came up with this.  I believe a sub could teach this with the right directions.

art sub plan with pumpkin and patterns
This lesson, at ArtfulNest, was written for middle school.  You could write it up as a fifth grade lesson or sixth grade one.  You could also bring it down to the upper primary grades with a change of media.  Leave your subs some good visuals.  They could teach this!             
art sub plan with monster
Monster lesson.  There are lots of wonderful visuals and complete details here.  It is taught with paint and gadget prints, but you could so easily adapt it with crayons for your sub lesson. Visit Line FrØslev. There are wonderful things over there.
art sub lesson with halloween house
Here's one done for you already.  Step by step instructions were written here  by Ms. Crisco over at Crisco Art. Always a good type lesson to leave for a sub.  

Art Sub Plan - Op Lines 

 The blog, Kids Art Market, has written up directions for a lesson that could be used by an art sub. Don't you love it when someone else has already done the work and shared it???

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Art Sub Plan - Romero Britto - Elementary Art

Blog post about a sub plan with pattern and Romero Britto

Here is a super cute idea from Samantha Bachman.  Romero Britto inspired animals with pattern can be a no prep sub lesson using crayons if you create a worksheet ahead of time.

I could see this used for second through fifth grades.  

Friday, September 6, 2019

Art Sub Lessons - Native American Shields

Here’s an art sub plan the kids and teachers love. 

Native American Shields This elementary art lesson would work well as a Thanksgiving or fall art project. It presents art history information on Native American Indian shields as well as on the artist, George Catlin. The students are led, step by step, how to draw the shape of a shield. They then take that basic shield and embellish it with their own symbols and decorations.

As a retired art teacher turned art sub, I can attest to the fact that this is one of those lessons where every child can leave feeling successful about their work. I have found that my students stay fully engaged throughout the entire class period.  

Art sub lesson drawings of native american shields
The supplies need for this lesson are simple: 12"x18" white paper; pencils; markers or crayons; circles, both large and small, for tracing the shape of the shield. (I had students trace around paper plates and paper bowls.)
Here is some feedback left by teachers who have used this lesson.

“On July 11, 2018Jennifer L. said: "This is my favorite lesson I did this entire year! Thank you! So much fun to include with my Native Americans unit.”

“On March 6, 2018Artsy Ivie (TpT Seller) said: "This was wonderful for my 5th graders!!!!! Our school mascot is the Indian and they loved doing this project! Thank you for the editable powerpoint and for covering EVERYTHING in this.“

Here's another fun Thanksgiving idea. This worksheet is great for those early finishers. Kids draw a disguise for the poor turkey who is trying to escape a Thanksgiving dinner. Yikes! Create a Turkey in Disguise

For a time saving and quality art sub plan, click here to visit my TeachersPayTeachers shop:  Art Sub Lessons @ TPT

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Art Sub Plan - Kindergarten Directed Drawing for Fall - Thanksgiving Turkey

If you have an art sub who can lead a simple directed drawing, here's a super cute one for fall. Proud to be Primary has a lesson on her blog with complete directions.  Kindergarten kids will love it!  Of course, you might not want to leave paint with a sub.  (By the way, YOU DON"T WANT TO LEAVE  PAINT WITH A SUB!!!)  But, kids can draw this and color in with crayons and still end up with a lovely work to take away with them.

If you would like an early finisher activity about turkeys, I have this worksheet at my TPT shop: Art Sub Lessons.  "Create a Turkey in Disguise." Great for elementary kids.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Art Sub Plan Idea - Art Smart: A lesson in Shape, Mondrian & Oil Pastels

 "This Is Carrie" at the blog, "This Mama Makes Stuff," has a post about a kindergarten art idea that could convert well to an art sub lesson. The post is titled, "

Art Smart: A lesson in Shape, Mondrian & Oil Pastels."

Sub Plan for elementary kids - shapes and Mondrian drawing

Mondrian's Boogie Woogie Broadway - ideas for elementary art sub lessons
In this lesson, she is teaching kids about shape; tracing a shape; and the art of Mondrian.  If you like including art history references, this is a good choice.  Check it out and see if this easy art lesson would work for your kinders.

Photos used under Creative Commons

Friday, June 21, 2019

Art Sub Plan - Silly Sundae Preview

Find relief when you have an emergency absence. Writing lesson plans for a sub when you are in a rush, feels horrible. Don't stress out when you don't need to.  I have complete no-prep lesson plans already fully formed for you.

This is a preview of my art sub lesson called "Silly Sundae." I thought you would get more information from a preview of this lesson than just from one or two images. Find this fun elementary lesson at my TpT Shop: Art Sub Lessons. 

This lesson is no prep and can be taught by anyone.  All someone needs to do is to show each page; read the script; and follow the directions. Subs love my lessons because there is a lot of content and they will keep the students engaged for the entire class period.  

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Art Sub Plan - Silly Sundae

This art sub plan is fun for kids and is easy to teach. Substitute teachers only have to read the script; ask the questions; and show the pictures.  It requires no prep. This lesson gives students an opportunity to use their imaginations and create a fun product that they have never seen before. 

A no-prep lesson, it uses the most basic supplies: pencil, crayons or markers, and paper.

Check it out at the TPT shop: Art Sub Lessons.

drawing of a silly sundae used in an art sub plan

Friday, May 17, 2019

Art Sub Plan - Landscape with Patterns

I have seen many iterations of this patterned landscape lesson.  I have drawn up three visuals you could use if you want a sub to use this as a lesson.  

Artescula blog and Crayola both have varying instructions on the plan.