Thursday, February 8, 2024

Neurographic Spring Doodle Drawing

 Spring Flower Doodle as Art Sub Lesson

Neurographic drawings seem to be very popular these days. They can be very calming and satisfying to work on. 

Here is one by the TPT Shop: Cool Classroom Stuff, that uses the theme of spring flowers. It is an easy and fun drawing activity that can be completed with 8 1/2" x 11" white paper and crayons. 

It is a lesson that can be taught by anyone including subs, gen. ed. teachers, art teachers, or parents. The set up is simple and the slides are fully scripted with plenty of visuals.

This lesson includes:

-10 scripted slides that may be projected during a lesson; printed out and shown to students sitting close by; or printed out and made into a center activity.

-Three slides (slides 12 - 14) with examples that may be printed and hung in the room during the lesson

-One sheet with a line drawing (slide 15) that may be printed out and used as a coloring sheet for students needing extra assistance.

The designs may be drawn with regular Sharpies (not fine line) or black crayon. This particular lesson is intended to be colored in with crayon.

You may find this lesson at TpT Shop: Cool Classroom Stuff