Sunday, November 26, 2023

Not Your Average Gingerbread Man


Art Sub Lesson - Beyond the Gingerbread Man

The other day I wrote about one of my art activities where kids create gingerbread characters or objects that were not gingerbread people. This morning, for fun, I doodled an example for that lesson. Here's a link to that blog post: Art Sub Lesson: Beyond the Gingerbread Man

crayon drawing of a lego reindeer in gingerbread

Doodle Monsters for Winter


 Art Sub Lesson - Doodle Monsters 

I’m still playing around with doodling monsters. They’re fun for me to draw and kids seem to have as much fun doodling them as I do. 

Simple Monster Drawing Characters for Winter

Here's a new drawing, that I have added to my art sub lesson. It is doodle monster gingerbread people. One is rather Santa-like. One looks like Mrs. Claus. (Does she have a first name?) There's an elfin one; a kid one; one with a top hat; and a couple with beanies....tuques?...knit caps.

Monster Doodles Worksheet for Early Finishers

I have added a blank template of this drawing to the lesson on TPT in case you want an early finishers coloring activity. It is an add on at the end of the lesson and won’t change the lesson at all. So, if you have already bought this lesson from my TPT shop, you can just download it with changes, for free. (Yippee!) I’ve added this finished drawing to the sample drawings too. 

Click here to see or buy the monster doodle lesson at my Art Sub Lessons shop:  Art Sub Lesson - Doodle Monsters in Winter

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