Thursday, January 6, 2022

Valentine's Day - Art Sub Lesson Plans


Art Sub Plans - Valentines Day

Looking around for lessons you could give a substitute teacher, you need something that kids will find fun and subs will feel comfortable teaching. I like the idea of doodles. 

There are so many types of doodles and they can easily be geared towards any holiday or special event.

Student marker drawing of doodle monsters in a heart shape

Kids love, love, looooooooove doodle monsters. They're easy to draw so they are kind of a no fail thing to draw.  So, I created an art activity for February and Valentines Day with the theme of doodle monsters. Before I tell you about that lesson though, I'll share some web sites that also feature doodles.

Art Lessons About Doodling

Here's a blog post about doodles in general. It gives you instructions for how to get kids started doodling.  The blog is Doodle Art Alley and the post is here:  Doodle Art Activities Ideas. 

That doesn’t looks like a Valentine lesson though. So, add valentine elements to it, that is, add hearts and red. Now, this might not be a lesson you would teach during your own class time, but what you are going for in a sub lesson is engagement. How to get kids to buy into a lesson from a stranger. Kids love valentines.

The next post of from "My Modern Met." They give a general description of doodles then give a list of ideas that might inspire doodling.  You can find that post here:  50+ Doodle Ideas That Everyone Will Have Fun Sketching. Again, add hearts and reds to this, and you have a lesson for Valentine’s Day.

Art Sub Lesson Plan for Valentine’s Day - Doodle Monsters

If you are interested in an art activity for Valentine's Day, that is fully scripted, with visuals and directions, go check out this lesson in my TPT Shop.  Doodle Monsters at Valentine's Day

There are:

❄️2 slides with general instructions and supplies needed
❄️2 slides explaining what doodles are including one from the past
❄️13 pages fully,scripted lesson with visuals including how to draw a doodle monster
❄️5 pages of examples to print out and display
❄️Suggestions for different ways to end the lesson

❄️1 line drawing that may be used as a coloring sheet for differentiation or as an activity for early finishers

Student crayon drawing of doodle monsters in a heart shape

If you are interested in another blog post that would be great for January and February, check out this blog post:  15 Art Sub Plan Ideas for Black History Month.