Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Ugly Christmas Sweater - Art Sub Lesson Idea for Winter

Ugly Christmas sweaters are an enigma to me. The less ugly ones are what we teachers loved back in the 80's. They were just "cute" back then. Oh well, now they are "ugly." 

So, what makes an ugly Christmas sweater? As far as I can tell, they are Christmas sweaters that are just way over the top.  Too much pattern.  Too many colors. An odd theme that is married to the Christmas theme.  Fringe. Bangles. Sequins. Glitz. So, if you can give your students an idea of just what makes a holiday gaudy, tacky, and just plain ugly, you can start with those things. 

This clip art site,, offers up a free outline of a Christmas sweater. Want to have students do an "ugly Christmas sweater" drawing? Here's a place to start. Black and White Sweater

If you'd like for your students to do the lesson as a directed drawing, they could follow along with this YouTube video by Young Rembrandts.  Teaching Kids to Draw an Ugly Christmas Sweater.

If you would like a fully formed, 25-page lesson that can be taught by anyone, check out the lesson by Cool Classroom Stuff on TPT.  It is a no-prep, fully scripted lesson with tons of examples. There are four templates from which the students can choose.

Monday, October 26, 2020

Dia de los Muertos - Day of the Dead

Here's a super sweet and short video that elementary kids would enjoy watching during a Dia de Los Muertos lesson. 

There are plenty of lessons around that you could teach with this. Here are a couple.

The first one is a STEAM activity for drawing a symmetrical sugar skull. Click here to see it at the TPT Shop: Cool Classroom Stuff.

The second one includes three doodle worksheets for sugar skulls, piƱatas, and sombreros. Click here to find it at the TPT Shop:  Centers and Early Finishers

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Art Sub Idea for Elementary, Middle and High School - Drone’s Eye View

This is a great idea from Blick. It can be adapted in so many ways that could easily be taught by a sub. 

Is your sub someone that you know and would watch a short video to introduce them to the lesson? Perfect! If not, you can write out some simple plans by watching the video yourself. Here’s a pdf on Buick’s site for the lesson: Drone’s Eye View

You will need to print out satellite views from Google for the students to choose from. Subs would probably need to have students draw the simple shapes they see on the map, but then can color in with crayons. Painting with a sub is generally a bad idea unless they are experienced in such things.

Anyway, check out this lesson from Blick,  It might be a lesson you want to teach yourself!

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Birdcages - Art Lesson for Elementary and Middle School

This is a preview of a lesson I created for my TPT shop, Art Sub Lessons. While it was written with a sub in mind, it can be taught by anyone.

Go here to take a look:  Art Lesson: Birdcages

This elementary and middle school art lesson may be used for distance learning or in person. Also perfect for sick leave, maternity leave, and homeschooling. It is fully scripted, with visuals, so that it may be taught by subs, teachers, or parents. Students are shown many examples of fancy bird cages from history to the present. They then create imaginative drawings of their own, though if distance learning or homeschooling, teachers may choose to let their students create the birdcage using media they have available. This might include crayon, pencil, marker, collage, digital media, or 3D materials.

What you get: 

15 slides featuring birdcages by artists throughout history

27 slides that are a fully scripted art lesson

7 pages of directed drawing

5 images of student examples

7 full pages of  images of birds and student samples that may be printed out and hung up

1 page birdcage template of birdcage in case you want to skip drawing the shape of the birdcage

1 page of directions for how to teach the lesson

1 page of how to finish the lesson

This PowerPoint is noneditable, however you may change the text by adding text boxes and text over what is provided.

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Elementary and Middle School Art Lesson about Art Cars - Kooky Cars

One of the lessons I love teaching the most is one I call, "Kooky Cars." It is both an art history lesson and a creative drawing lesson about art cars. It includes the work of Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, and Keith Haring. The students imagine their own crazy art cars and draw one of their own.

drawing of an art car for an elementary art lesson

Here is a review that I got this week about this lesson:

"My students absolutely loved this project! In fact, it is their favorite one to do, and they ask to repeat it quite often. It kept them engaged in creating and wanting to learn more about the artists that were represented in the slides. They learned to think out of the box and to use their voice through their art. Thank you so much for sharing your lesson. We all love it!"

Yay! My students have always loved it too!

child's drawing of an art car for an art lesson

Friday, July 24, 2020

Easy Art Lesson for Elementary and Middle School - Great for distance learning, art on a cart and homeschooling

This attractive artwork was done with simple supplies. Paper and crayons. If your students can trace their shoe, they can do this activity.

First, they trace their shoe on their paper. After observing the tread that is on the bottom of their shoes, they will create a pattern on the traced shoe. (Sneakers are likely to have patterned tread.)

Next, they will trace that shoe again in the background and add pattern to that shoe drawing.

They will continue to repeat that until the paper is full. 

Color in.
If you liked this lesson idea, you might like this 26 page, fully formed and scripted lesson on TPT.  Click here to see this lesson on TPT. 

This elementary and middle school art sub lesson includes slides about the artist and two projects for the students to draw. It is great for teaching elementary and middle school students about abstract art and the artist, Bruce Gray. 

Written for a sub, it may also be taught by parents, classroom teachers, art teachers, and homeschool teachers.

Supplies needed for the art lesson are pencils, paper, markers or crayons, rulers and circles of various sizes.

These lessons may be taught in several ways. You may project it as a regular PowerPoint. You may print it out and have the students sit close as if you were reading them a book. You could print out the slides and project them from a document camera.

You or your sub will only need to read the script and ask the questions given, then allow the students to respond. Visuals and directions are given for each step in creating the artwork.