Sunday, September 21, 2014

Emergency Art Sub Plan- Captivating Castles - Complete Emergency Sub Plan

Students are captivated by castles. Their imaginations soar dreaming about the romance of medieval times. In this lesson, they will learn about castles from medieval Europe, including the exterior architecture and the reasons for their design. It includes illustrations from the early 1400's by the Limbourg brothers and photos of castles that still exist.

After going over the lesson, the students will draw a castle of their own design. They will utilize architectural elements they have learned but are encouraged to invent their own as well.

It was written in great detail for use as an emergency sub lesson but could be used by an art teacher or classroom teacher.

This PowerPoint may be used in two ways. It may be printed out and shown page by page to the students or shown as a projected PowerPoint.

The supplies needed are simple. The student will need paper, pencil, crayons or markers.

This lesson is written so that it may be taught completely by following the prompts in the slides. It written for use by grades two through five, but certainly could be used by older students. 

Find it here for $3.50 on TeachersPayTeachers:  Captivating Castles - Emergency Art Sub Lesson Plan  No one wants to spend hours writing lesson plans in an emergency.  My shop takes care of that.  Lessons are written so they are ready to hand over to the sub.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

2 for the Price of One! (Free)

Here are a couple of other lessons from Mr. Badger's Art Class.  These are for grades K - 3.  I love how he gives the sub the option to choose which lesson they would like to teach.  The lessons also include videos.
Thanks for sharing, Mr. Badger!