Sunday, April 24, 2016

Dinosaur Maze Art Lesson

Dinosaur Maze Art Lesson

Here's a link to an idea from a couple of years ago. An art sub could teach this one.

Child drawing of a maze in the shape of a dinosaur

If you look on the web, you can find directions for how to create a simple maze. Here is one I liked: Design a Maze

She even links to her own video on YouTube for how to create one, which would be really helpful for the kids to see.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Mandala Art Lesson as Art Sub Plan

Mandala Art Lesson as Elementary and Middle School Art Sub Plan

How do you draw a mandala? Here are photos of beautiful ones from Arts&Activities Magazine from 1983. When I originally wrote this blog post, they have the article that would accompany these, online. The blog post sharing how to create these, no longer exists, unfortunately. 

art student created mandala

The second best thing I can post here is another option for a mandala that an art sub can teach.

This lesson includes templates and examples that a sub could use to lead this lesson. Check it out at Cool Classroom Stuff's TPT Shop:  Create Insect Designs with Radial Symmetry