Thursday, February 4, 2016

Art Sub Lesson - James Rizzi

Art Sub Lesson - James Rizzi

This art history/visual art lesson is a perfect plan for those days you need an art sub lesson plan.   It is a PowerPoint based on the artwork of James Rizzi. It is written to inspire students to create their own pop art building, not to just copy Rizzi's work. Substitute teachers will love this because everything they need to teach the lesson is here, and your students will love it because it is fun.

The lesson is fully formed so that all you have to do is project it as a PowerPoint lesson or print it out and show it up close with the students seated nearby.  It can be taught by a sub, an art teacher or a classroom teacher.  No art skills are required in order to teach this.  All of the visuals and demonstrations are already in the PowerPoint. The teacher needs to read the script; ask the questions given; and monitor students. I have included all of the information that I use when I teach the lesson myself.

As a retired art teacher who subs for my friends, I have taught this in kindergarten through grade 5. The students have been enthusiastic and engaged for the entire class period. Everyone has left feeling successful with their work.

Kindergarten Rizzi House

The supplies are simple.  Paper, pencil and crayons.

Check it out at my TPT Shop: Art Sub Lessons: James Rizzi Lesson Plan

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Valentine Art Sub Lesson for Autism and Special Needs

Valentine Art Sub Lesson for Autism and Special Needs

Today I taught a self contained class of first grade and kindergarten students who have autism.

When they first come into the classroom, we do a movement activity.  Today we danced to "Get Your Wiggles Out" that I downloaded from YouTube.

After that we went over to the work table.  Here are the supplies that I had ready.

I had prefolded and cut hearts out of 12 x 18 inch red paper.  There was a tray of torn colored tissue paper. I had folded acetate transparencies, but a cut open sandwich bag or wax paper would have worked.  We had glue sticks.

To prepare for the sub lesson, I prefolded  transparencies in half.  Then, to cut the heat shaped frames quickly, I folded each one in half then folded it in half again. That is when I cut the half heart shape that went through all four layers of the folded paper and ended up with two symmetrical heart shapes. 

The students rubbed the glue sticks one entire side of the transparency sheet.

They laid one piece of tissue paper at a time inside the folded transparency until they filled the entire sheet.

The transparency then got refolded and stapled inside the heart shaped construction paper.

After they were done, we took the "stained glass" valentines over to the window and enjoyed looking at their beauty.

Their art time is 30 minutes long and the activity took around 15.  With the remaining time we watched storybook videos and Disney song videos.


Monday, February 1, 2016

Autism/Special Needs Art Sub Plan

Art Sub Plan for Special Needs Class

This is an idea I am going to try with the autism art class I will sub in tomorrow. I don't have the exact supplies but I think I can make it work.  When I retired, I just couldn't leave that pack of transparencies I have been hoarding for years.  So, I'll try using those with a glue stick and cut tissue paper.  If it works out decently, I'll post the results.

Now to go and look for videos to inspire the kids for the lesson.