Friday, July 1, 2016

Art Sub Plan Using Imagination - Giant in My House

Imagination Lesson Plan or Art Sub Plan

If you are looking for a sub-plan that is easy to use, but not just a simple handout, this might be the one you want.  When you are scrambling around trying to gather things for an art sub, this is about as easy to prepare for as it gets.

I created it a few years ago, but since the movie BFG (Big Friendly Giant) comes out this summer, I thought it was time to revamp this lesson.  (By the way, if you purchased this lesson previously, you can download this version for free.  Yay!)

It was written so that it could be taught by anyone.  All the teacher needs to do is to show each slide; read the text, and follow the directions.
cover of a lesson plan about imaginary giants for art subs

22 slides long, the presentation of the lesson is long enough to get the students to engage in the lesson and think creatively before they begin to draw.

The supplies needed are pencil, paper and crayons.

It may be projected as a PowerPoint.  It may be printed out and shown as you would show a picture book.  It may even be printed out and projected via a document camera.

If you would like to have an accompanying worksheet for early finishers, this could be a perfect one.