Monday, April 29, 2019

Insect Mandala - STEAM/STEM - Art Sub Lessons

Art Sub Lesson Plans for STEAM | Art and Math

Cool Classroom Stuff’s TPT shop has an art activity that could be used with an art sub, a center, or an early finisher activity. This could be used by elementary, middle, or high school students.  Create Insect Designs with Radial Symmetry - STEM/STEAM

This activity may be set up as a classroom learning center; an activity for early finishers; or as a teacher or sub led lesson.

This PowerPoint includes:

-Four drawing templates featuring spacing guidelines and lightly drawn insects. (Butterflies, spiders, crickets, and bees.)

-One drawing template featuring spacing guidelines without insects so that students may draw their own insects.

-Five sample drawings, showing a variety of media. They may be hung in the class as visuals for a lesson or hung in a learning center. 

-One sheet with a composite of the sample drawings that may be hung in a learning center.

-One sheet of sample ways to divide a circle into a design of radial symmetry.

-Three sheets that include information about radial symmetry and directions on how to do the design.

The designs may be created with pen, crayon or marker.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Flower Mandala Worksheets - STEAM -

STEAM - Math and Art Lesson

The TpT shop, Cool Classroom Stuff, has a fun art activity for elementary or middle school. It could be used for subs, centers, or early finishers. It includes circle templates that are divided to help design symmetrical floral designs. There is a template for creating a design to a Mother’s Day card as well as one for a larger design.
Student drawing using radial symmetry and flowers

This radial symmetry lesson is a STEAM lesson as it integrates math and art.
floral design using radial symmetry

It could be used by elementary and middle school students.

Cover for an art lesson on radial symmetry and flowers

Middle School Art Sub Plans | Name Designs

Abstract Name Designs as Middle School Art Sub Plans

Here's an idea you might use for an art sub or art relief lesson. If you show the visuals provided in this blog post by  Betsy Morningstar, and add a few directions, your middle schoolers might be able to do this one.  Betsy gives step-by-step instructions, so she has provided a lot for you already.  

Abstract Art with Names - used as an art sub lesson

I would suggest that you make one art visual for each step and include directions. If the sub teacher cannot draw, these visuals should be descriptive enough. The sub can just show each visual, one at a time, and then post them on the board.
Middle school drawing of abstract name design

You need to do a little prep work, but not a lot of brain work.  Whew!  Yay!  It's a nice lesson even if you don't save it for an absence.

Student drawing showing an abstract name design

Monday, April 1, 2019

STEAM Art Sub Lesson with Insects

STEAM Art Lesson Inegrated with Science

This lesson was created with an art sub in mind. All of the directions have been included for their ease of use. There are multiple ways to use it. It may be printed out so that the sub may present it up close on paper or shown as a PowerPoint presentation.

It integrates science with art in an “ugly bug ball.” Including art history rounds this out even more!

]cover from an art sub lesson - has a child's drawing of bugs at a party

The lesson begins with a discussion about masterpieces featuring insects by the artists Balthasar van der Ast, Nicolaes de Bruyn and then William Heath-Robinson. The lesson then leads the students to creating an imaginary scene of insects at a party. Each slide includes questions and statements for the students to think about including in their drawing.

I have taught this lesson to all levels, K through Fifth. My subs who have used this lesson have left feedback that they and the students thoroughly enjoyed the lesson.

I hope that this will be a well loved lesson for you and your students and that it helps you when you are in need of a sub lesson. 

The materials needed for this lesson are the most simple: paper, pencils and crayons or markers. Here's what another buyer had so say about that: "Great lesson to leave for a sub as everything needed was included and the prep was minimal and used things commonly found in the art room. "

Here's a comment from a buyer:  "The kids produced wonderful drawings and images. The sub used the plans for my intermediate groups grades 3-5 and she loved working with the kids as the plans were so meticulously laid out!"

You may find this lesson here:  TPT Shop: Art Sub Lessons