Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Dot

This lesson idea is from "Ms. Brown's Art Class."  I think it could be adapted for use by a sub.

Ms. Brown uses block tempera in her classroom.  If I had a sub, I might use those same plans or either draw with Sharpie and then fill in with marker or crayon.  She has nice instructions on her page.  She also uses the book, "The Dot."  (Thanks for all the lesson plans on your blog, Ms. Brown!)

Pattern Snake

This is from the blog "Got Art / Teaching Art to Young Artists."

How to Draw a Mandala

This site has lots of detailed "how to" lessons.  The blog is Art Is Fun.  Check it out and see if any of the lessons would work for your subs.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Lessons Ready to Use

Here are some sub lessons all ready to print out and use.  I'd print them out ASAP if I were you.  You never know how long these things will be on the net!

These are from the art office in Anchorage, AK. 

The lessons to download include:

• Kindergarten
  • Imaginary Person, Animal or Creature
  • Rainbow Fish
• Grade One
• Castles
• With Pattern: Quilts
  • Grade Two
    • Line Design With Narne
    • Crazy Cats
  • Grade Three
    • Landscape Drawing
    • Figures In Action
  • Grade Four
    • Portraits With Pattern Hair or Beard
    • School Supplies
  • Grade Five
    • Cornrnunity On A Distant Planet
    • Visual Puns
  • Grade Six
    • Fantasy Animals
    • A Super Sandwich

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Easy Sub Plan - Bold Lines

Katie Morris has a nice sub lesson with good instructions and visuals over on her blog, "Adventures of an Art Teacher."  

She gives credit where she first saw the idea.  Katie says:  "If you are on Artsonia, the lesson was posted by Linda Welling from Cedar Creek Elementary School. The lesson id is 2665."

Handouts for Subs

Here's a post from Guilford County School's Art Educator's Blog.  Caitlin Fisher shared some handouts that she leaves for subs.  I've shown one here, but there are more on that site.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Gingerbread Buildings

This art sub lesson is one I used my first, second and third graders.

When I have a sub, my goal is for the kids to be engaged and the sub to have an easy go of it.  Since non-art people are the norm for my subs, I always promise them that I will leave a lesson that anyone can teach.  So, the lessons from my county's curriculum are saved for me to teach.

I figured that on the last day of school before winter break, the kids would be overly excited and I needed to give them something that would be of interest to them.

I printed out many gorgeous gingerbread houses from the internet and hung them in the room.  I also painted a sheet with many types of candies that you might find on a gingerbread house.

I left the sub 12" x 18" pens....and crayons.  If I do this lesson again, I would give the kids a smaller paper; perhaps 10" x 10".  The larger paper was too big to color in completely in one 55 minute class.

Here is what I wrote for her:

Show the photos of the gingerbread houses.  I have taped a chart of painted candies and gingerbread houses on the wall so please point that out to them to use.
As you show the pictures, ask the students to tell you what they see.  What is a gingerbread house?  Why do people make them.  What are they made from?

Point out that not all of the houses are the same shapes.  They could be gingerbread castles….gingerbread mansions….gingerbread forts…..gingerbread theaters…….gingerbread stores………gingerbread schools…… Some even have decorated areas around them.  How will you make a fence?  A car in the driveway?  Trees?  People?  Animals?

Tell the students that they will be drawing a gingerbread building today.  What type of building they choose to do is up to them.  They will be using the black pens to draw the entire picture.   After about ten minutes of drawing, you can pass out the blue boxes of crayons.  They may color in the picture.  Note:  they only get one sheet of paper.  They know this and probably won’t ask for another.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Silly Monsters

You could DEFINITELY come up with a lesson plan for this one!   "Silly Monsters" from the blog "Her Dabbles."

Through A Window

Here's one called "Through a Window."  The blog has a downloadable Word file with the lesson plan and photos.

It's at the Art4cast wiki.  Here's the link:  Sub Lesson - Through A Window

Alphabet Soup...

Here's the development of a sub lesson that Phyl, at "There's a Dragon in My Art Room" posted.  She got the original idea from a  post on sub lessons by Erica at "Art Project Girl."   Here's a photo of Phyl's lesson: 

Here's the link to Phyl's lesson:  There's a Dragon in My Art Room.

And here's a screen shot of Erica's lesson:

Here's a link to Erica's blog:  Art Project Girl

Silly Sentences

Here's a really nice lesson for subs that I have never seen before.  This is from the blog "The Art Room."


This is from the blog Art Lessons for Kids. The blogger taught this as a sub during her time off from full time teaching.

Tar Beach Art Sub Lesson Video

I love showing relative art videos to kids. Here's one of my own.  It's a video I created for the sub to show the class.  The kids follow along with the video.  Click here for the video of:: Tar Beach

I did this lesson with my kids plenty of times and they love it! I love it when kids get to use their imaginations to create something that is personal to them.

Tar Beach art lesson
You might want an art sub lesson for Tar Beach already written up. You can pick one up here on my TPT site: Art Sub Lesson: I'm Flying.