Friday, December 30, 2011

Lessons Ready to Use

Here are some sub lessons all ready to print out and use.  I'd print them out ASAP if I were you.  You never know how long these things will be on the net!

These are from the art office in Anchorage, AK. 

The lessons to download include:

• Kindergarten
  • Imaginary Person, Animal or Creature
  • Rainbow Fish
• Grade One
• Castles
• With Pattern: Quilts
  • Grade Two
    • Line Design With Narne
    • Crazy Cats
  • Grade Three
    • Landscape Drawing
    • Figures In Action
  • Grade Four
    • Portraits With Pattern Hair or Beard
    • School Supplies
  • Grade Five
    • Cornrnunity On A Distant Planet
    • Visual Puns
  • Grade Six
    • Fantasy Animals
    • A Super Sandwich

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