Friday, May 17, 2019

Landscape with Patterns - Art Sub Plans

Patterned Landscapes for Elementary Art Sub Plans

Here are some visuals for a landscape lesson that anyone could teach. It could be great for an art sub.

I have drawn 4 stages of a patterned landscape lesson that you are welcome to use in a lesson with your own students.

Line drawing of a landscape

Here is a video that you could use with older students.  Patterns and Landscape Video.

Other Lessons Idea on my Blog about Pattern

Complete Lesson at My TPT Shop: Art Sub Lessons

Monday, May 13, 2019

Secret Rooms and Hidden Passageways - Art Sub Plans

Art Sub Plan - Secret Rooms and Hidden Passageways

Before I got a job teaching art, I taught fifth grade.  I taught my class art when I could and tied it into our lessons.  When I taught the pyramids, my students drew imaginary interiors to the pyramids. They were enthralled, and so excited to share their drawings.  I have been meaning to recreate that experience as an art sub lesson for years.  Finally, I did it.

This is a lesson I named, "Secret Rooms and Hidden Passageways." Students look at a variety of hidden spaces in artwork; in history; and in imaginary images.  They then create their own space with trap doors, hidden rooms, secret hallways, and all manner of spaces that are tucked away.

You may find it in my TpT shop:  Art Sub Lessons

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Dog Party - Preschool and Kindergarten Art

Preschool and Kindergarten Art Sub Plans

child drawing of dogs in a tree

Here is a sweet idea for preschool and kindergarten that I had not seen before.  The lesson she created is for preschool. Here's a look at what they did.

Preschool drawing of a dog party
She bases the lesson on Go, Dog, Go to have students create a dog party.  The idea came from Collage Mama's Itty Bitty Blog: A Big Dog Party.  

Take a look at the illustration from the book.

The original lesson has students using paint. Paint wouldn't be a medium you should leave for a sub unless you know the capabilities of the sub, but crayons will work nicely.  Students will love hearing the storybook read to them.  Likely, it will be a favorite.  So, let your sub read that book to your students and then have the students draw their own dog party.

Read "Collage Mama's" blog post for more ideas on this lesson.