Sunday, May 5, 2019

Kindergarten - Dog Party - Idea for an Art Sub Lesson

Here is a sweet idea for preschool and kindergarten that I had not seen before.
This teacher used the idea from
Go, Dog, Go to have students create a dog party.  Collage Mama's Itty Bitty Blog: A Big Dog Party

Take a look at the illustration from the book.

The original lesson has students using paint. Paint wouldn't be a medium you should leave for a sub, unless you know that capabilities of the sub, but crayons will work nicely.  Students will love hearing the story book read to them.  Likely, it will be a favorite.  So, let your sub read that book to your students and then have the students draw their own dog party.

Read "Collage Mama's" blog post for more ideas on this lesson.  

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