Saturday, March 31, 2018

Easy Art Sub Lessons for Spring

21 Art Sub Lessons for Spring

Here are 21 elementary art sub plans that are easy enough to be taught by anyone. Some are full lesson plans; some ideas; some links to good lessons. It is a good reference for both emergency absenses and planned leave.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Art Sub Lesson - Easy Cezanne Still Life

Easy Cezanne Still Life Art Sub Lesson

Here is an easy one-day art lesson with full directions that a sub could do. It is based on a Cezanne still life. The lesson was originally done with watercolor, but certainly could be replicated with crayons or markers. 

There are both step-by-step directions for the lesson and visuals for every step. There’s not often you find all this for art sub planning, so don’t miss this one!

You can find it on the blog, “Teach & Shoot.” 

art sub lesson from "teach and shoot"

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Kindergarten Drawing | Jack in the Box

Art Sub Plan Idea for Kindergarten

art sub lesson with jack in the box

Photo of Jack in the Box (in the public domain)

One Happy Art Teacher describes how she taught fan folding in this sub lesson and turned it into Jack in the Boxes. Full details are included in her blog post. 

If you are looking for a kindergarten art sub plan that is ready to hand to a sub right now, check out this lesson in my TPT shop. 

Student drawing of a vintage robot

This lesson, Robot Roundup, includes visuals of vintage robot toys and contemporary robots. Students follow a directed drawing to get started, but add their own details when they are ready. I have taught this to all ages of elementary students and it is well loved by every level.

This lesson is no prep, fully scripted, and includes plenty of visuals. It can be taught by anyone.