Monday, April 2, 2018

Art Sub Plan - Day of the Dead - STEAM/STEM - Symmetrical Sugar Skull

Day of the Dead Art ActivitySTEAM drawing of  a Mexican skull

This STEM/STEAM art activity would be fun to do around a Mexican holiday like Day of the Dead or Cinco de Mayo. If your students have seen the animated movie, “Coco,” they will be familiar with Día de Los Muertos. It would work perfectly as an art sub lesson. This lesson plan is by TPT Shop: Cool Classroom Stuff
This may be set up as a classroom learning center; an activity for early finishers; or as a teacher led lesson.
This PowerPoint includes:
-Three drawing templates featuring sugar skulls. One has a center guideline; one does not, and one small one has a guideline and folds lines to be utilized as a greeting card.
-Six sample drawings, showing a variety of media. They may be hung in the class as visuals for a lesson or hung in a learning center. 
-One sheet with a composite of these may be hung in a learning center.
-One sheet of sample designs you might see on sugar skulls.
-Five sheets of information about sugar skulls; directions on how to draw one; and information about symmetry.
The designs may be created with a pen, crayon, or marker.

Here is a preview of what you would get.

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