Thursday, February 4, 2016

Emergency Art Sub Lesson - James Rizzi's Happiest Houses on Earth

This art history/visual art lesson is a perfect plan for those days you need an art sub lesson plan.   It is a PowerPoint based on the artwork of James Rizzi. It is written to inspire students to create their own pop art building, not to just copy Rizzi's work. Substitute teachers will love this because everything they need to teach the lesson is here, and your students will love it because it is fun.

The lesson is fully formed so that all you have to do is project it as a PowerPoint lesson or print it out and show it up close with the students seated nearby.  It can be taught by a sub, an art teacher or a classroom teacher.  No art skills are required in order to teach this.  All of the visuals and demonstrations are already in the PowerPoint. The teacher needs to read the script; ask the questions given; and monitor students. I have included all of the information that I use when I teach the lesson myself.

As a retired art teacher who subs for my friends, I have taught this in kindergarten through grade 5. The students have been enthusiastic and engaged for the entire class period. Everyone has left feeling successful with their work.

Kindergarten Rizzi House

The supplies are simple.  Paper, pencil and crayons.

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