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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A-Mazing Dinosaurs

Thanks so much to Elizabeth for sending this one my way.  Check out her blog and this sub appropriate lesson at Dream Painters:  A-Mazing Dinosaurs.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Be Kind to Your Sub

What a different experience it is between teaching in my own classroom and substitute teaching in someone else's.  I am venturing out into the world of substitute teaching these days and am getting a new perspective into the world of subbing.

I have seen rich and full lessons left for subs and I have seen overly simplistic ones. The intent of giving a sub a super simple lesson plan is kind.  Teachers don't want to give someone a plan that is beyond the sub's capabilities to teach.  However, when I look at some of the lessons I have been left, I know that some are wildly inadequate.  Recently, I was given a page out of School Arts magazine about "expressive line."  It was a lovely idea, and I have incorporated it into lessons in my own classroom.  However, as a stand alone lesson, it was not appropriate for an hour long lesson for 6, 7 and 8 year olds.  If I had taught that lesson, I can imagine that even the most engaged kids would have lasted 15 minutes or so.  I find it hard to picture the more fidgety kids doing more than a line or two.

What will happen in your class when your students have 45 minutes...or 30....or even 15 minutes left after a lesson? When you set up sub plans, ask yourself if you would teach that same lesson.  Ask yourself how long your students would actually be engaged in that activity and what will happen with the extra time left over.  Is it really an age appropriate lesson? Leave books and activities for the students to use when they are finished with their work.  Leave a dvd player and art videos.  Leave books for the sub to read aloud.  Prepare for that unencumbered time when problems are prone to occur.

Instead of rushing around at the last minute, why not work now to set up a folder of good lessons or a "sub tub"?  Get yourself prepared for that emergency sick day.  It doesn't have to take hours and hours to get this together.  You can get tons of lesson ideas from this blog.  There are tons of Pinterest boards linking to sub plans.  If you want fully formed, age appropriate art sub lessons, check out my shop at TeachersPayTeachers.

Be kind to your kids and your subs.  Please plan well for them.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Patterned Lego Man and Big Book Mark

This post is by my long time blog friend, Stephanie Allgood.  The inspiration for this lesson is wonderful.  Kids love those Legos and I can imagine they would focus on doing a good job with this lesson.  She left this lesson with her sub, so it is kid tested!

Here's the post:  Make It a Wonderful Life.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Big Billowing Balloons: Art Sub Lesson for Elementary Grades

No one wants to spend hours writing lesson plans in an emergency.  This lesson takes care of that.  It is ready to be printed out and handed to the sub.

This art lesson was designed to be taught by a substitute teacher, art teacher, or classroom teacher.  It is fully formed so that all a teacher needs to do is to read the information on each slide as they show the pictures.  Questions are written in to help lead the students in discussion.

I have included historical illustrations; one masterpiece featuring a hot air balloon; photographs of creative, modern hot air balloons; and drawings to use as student samples.

The materials needed for the lesson are the most basic:  paper, pencil and crayons.

This lesson may be taught as a PowerPoint projection or printed out and each page shown, one-by-one.

The PowerPoint introduces the student to the history of hot air balloons.  It displays the fantastical balloons that people have created.  This lesson encourages the student to let their imaginations run wild to create their own hot air balloon designs.

This would be perfect as an emergency sub lesson or as a lesson to be taught by a teacher at any time.

Find it here for $3.50 on TeachersPayTeachers:
Big Billowing Balloons: Art Sub Lesson for Elementary Grades

Grid Drawings

Grid drawing.  Good sub lesson for the older kids. This site has a pdf with multiple images to draw in a grid.

Click here:  Teaching Ideas

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Captivating Castles - Complete Emergency Sub Plan

Students are captivated by castles. Their imaginations soar dreaming about the romance of medieval times. In this lesson, they will learn about castles from medieval Europe, including the exterior architecture and the reasons for their design. It includes illustrations from the early 1400's by the Limbourg brothers and photos of castles that still exist.

After going over the lesson, the students will draw a castle of their own design. They will utilize architectural elements they have learned but are encouraged to invent their own as well.

It was written in great detail for use as an emergency sub lesson but could be used by an art teacher or classroom teacher.

This PowerPoint may be used in two ways. It may be printed out and shown page by page to the students or shown as a projected PowerPoint.

The supplies needed are simple. The student will need paper, pencil, crayons or markers.

This lesson is written so that it may be taught completely by following the prompts in the slides. It written for use by grades two through five, but certainly could be used by older students. 

Find it here for $3.50 on TeachersPayTeachers:  Captivating Castles - Emergency Art Sub Lesson Plan  No one wants to spend hours writing lesson plans in an emergency.  My shop takes care of that.  Lessons are written so they are ready to hand over to the sub.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

2 for the Price of One! (Free)

Here are a couple of other lessons from Mr. Badger's Art Class.  These are for grades K - 3.  I love how he gives the sub the option to choose which lesson they would like to teach.  The lessons also include videos.
Thanks for sharing, Mr. Badger!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Create a Super Hero

Mr. Badger has created a sub plan in which the 4th and 5th grade kids create a super hero.  Check it out here:  Mr. Badger's Art Class.