Saturday, November 24, 2012

Paul Klee's Senecio by FunArt4Kids

I am hoping to take a couple of days off before Christmas and may use this for my sub.  Hopefully I will come back and write detailed plans for this to share with you.

I think that this lesson at FunArt4Kids could be broken down enough for any sub to be successful.

Paul Klee's Senecio at the blog Fun Art 4 Kids  

If you are lucky enough to get a sub who can use your computer, projector and PowerPoint, they can use this great presentation here:  Paul Klee.  If you can also always print it out for your sub.  (This blogger has a nice collection of other artist PowerPoints too.)

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  1. I have another sub lesson for you. Please check it out on my blog: I included the full instructions for the sub this time! I've used this sub lesson multiple times, and always get great results. Thanks!