Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Night I Followed the Dog

This is a lesson I will leave for some of my younger classes this week.

Here's a fifth grader's...

Here's a second grader's....

I will leave a video of the book "The Night I Followed the Dog."  This is a video that I have downloaded from YouTube on the Storyline Online Channel.  I have also burned it to DVD that I can play on a regular DVD player. (See how to do this at my blog, Art Room Videos.)

The lesson will be introduced by showing some funny animal videos of animals talking.  I have downloaded them and burned them to dvd player format on a disk too.

These are so funny, your kids will fall in love with your sub for showing them.

Then the sub will tell the students they will be listening to a storybook called "The Night I Followed the Dog."  Ask what sorts of things they think we would see a dog doing if we followed it around in real life.
Show the video.

After viewing the video, ask the students what sorts of things they would like to see a pet doing if the pet was acting like a person.

They will go to their tables and draw those things.  The drawings could be in stapled book form or just one on a page.

Remind them to add backgrounds.  Where will these pets be?  What would we see around them if we were there?  Would there be other pets?  Would they be doing the same things?

If time allows, let them share their favorite drawings with the class.

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  1. I don't know if you have seen the blog of Ms. Gram, who is in her first year of teaching art. She recently posted about a Thiebaud inspired cake drawing lesson, complete with printable worksheets that are great for a sub! This post can be seen at if you're interested.