Friday, May 6, 2016

Art Sub Plan - Fairy Houses and Gnome Homes

Art sub plan.

This was written as an art sub lesson, but it could be used as an end of the year lesson. At this time of year your kiddos will need some lessons that are engaging.

Here's a lesson that I taught to over 800 students this winter as I was subbing for art teacher friends.  It talks about fairies and gnomes and where they might live. We looked at illustrations from fairy tales and also at photographs of fairy houses and gnome homes that people have built for fun. We also looked at student illustrations and talked about the fun houses that the kids dreamed up.

I taught it to kindergarteners all the way up to fifth graders.  They were engaged and having fun as I taught it.  I wrote it as a sub lesson, but it can be taught by an art teacher or classroom teacher as well.

It is over at my TeachersPayTeachers Shop: Art Sub Lessons.

If you like this lesson, you might also like this worksheet for early finishers.  Your sub would reallyappreciate having something for your students to do if they finish their art work before the end of class!

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