Friday, February 23, 2018

Art Lesson - Reggie Laurent

art sub lesson about Reggie Laurent

Here is an easy and fun art lesson that is no-prep. It was written so it would be easy enough to be taught by a sub, but can certainly also be taught by art teachers and classroom teachers. If you have an emergency and need to take a day off, this would would be perfect for a sub lesson. It is already written out. All anyone would need to do is to read the script and pass out supplies.

art sub lesson about reggie laurent

The supplies needed for this are simple. Paper and crayons or markers.

The lesson may be projected or printed out. You may find it at my TPT shop, Art Sub Lessons.

Here is a review of the lesson that was left on my TPT shop:  "Great, thorough product. Could be used for lessons: shape, color, pattern, movement. There are many ways to use this resource to meet your project needs."


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