Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dr. Seuss's New Hats

I found this lesson on Artsonia.  I think a sub could do this one with small adaptations.  Maybe it would be good for kinders through second.

Here's the link:  I'm not sure if you need to log into Artsonia to see this or not.

Here are the Artsonia credits:
From exhibit ""Cat in a Hat" has a new hat"
by Waylon88 (Art ID #18057787)
from Perry County School District #32— grade 1
United States 

Lesson Plan Starter: "Cat in a hat", has a new hat!

by Richard Conaway  Power Planner! ?
from Perry County School District #32 (Perryville, MO)
submitted Mar 26, 2012
for grade level » Early Childhood (Pk-2)

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