Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ugly Bug Ball - Art Sub Lesson

I came up with this lesson during my sick leave after knee surgery.  Unfortunately, my first few days at work were too taxing to teach my regular curriculum, and I had to teach this sub lesson to a few classes.  All levels seemed happy to do it though.

Many grades in the spring are studying insects, so this is a natural tie in to their curriculum.

If you go to my blog for art room videos, and search for "ant" or "insect" you will find lots of videos that you can tie into this lesson.

The main idea for the lesson is from this video, "Ugly Bug Ball."  Since it is a Disney video, I suppose they could take it down at any time.  You can do a web search for it if it isn't on YouTube anymore.  The video has Burl Ives singing this sweet song about the ugly bug ball and then ends up showing animation of said ball.  The kids loved it!

After watching the video, we talked about the things that you might find at an ugly bug party.  What kinds of bugs?  What would they be doing?  How would they be dressed for the party?

black pens
markers or crayons
12 x 18 white paper

The kids drew the bugs, trying to include the body parts they had learned about.  They dressed them all in party attire and with the proper surroundings.

When they were done, I collected the papers and showed them to the class.  (We always clap after each work is shown.)

If there is time left at the end of that, the sub may show the other videos on insects.

If you would like a fully written version of this lesson, ready for a sub to pick up and teach, you may purchase my plan at this link:  TeachersPayTeachers.    The materials are the simplest:  pen or pencil, marker or crayon, paper.  It would be perfect for an emergency art lesson or just a regular art lesson.

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  1. Those are some really fun pictures! Letting kids go wild with their imagination can lead to some really neat results.

    I just posted another possible sub lesson on my blog: http://missyoungsartroom.blogspot.com/2012/09/extra-time-activitysub-lesson.html. You are welcome to repost it, and you can tell your readers that if anyone wants me to send them the original in an email, to comment on my post :).

    Thanks so much for doing this blog! Sub lessons are always hard to come up with, and having a stash of good ones makes our jobs easier, and definitely makes our substitute teachers' jobs easier!